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Woodland girls {And other natural curiosities} art e-course

My friend, Jeanne, is  running another on-line art e-course I know you are going to love!

woodlandgirls online course with Jeanne Oliver

I think it look amazing, and I love all of Jeanne’s courses anyway so I had to tell you about this one.

It’s a one week course that covers some of my favorite things!

*Just image walks in the woods


*Creating inside AND outside of your studio

*Sculpting with paperclay

*Painting our own Woodland Girls on wood slices

*Wood burning

*Stamp carving

*Creating your own nature study journal and incorporating words from some of our favorite poets.

woodland girl quote

This is a great course to start all of the creativeness that comes with the change of seasons!

Fall drvie the colors of autumn

I went for a drive the other day with the kids to see the fall colors. I had to snap this picture because it was just amazing!

This course reminds me of all of that Fall goodness that kind of gets lost in the holiday hoopla.

The course will be instantly available on October 27th and the content will be available for one year.

The early registration price is $26

To read more or to register please click HERE.

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  1. Hi Jennifer, i just wanted to write and thank you. I have just completed your Christmas Holiday House Walk 2013. Yes. i’m a little late but just in time for this year’s. I was searching for Christmas decoration ideas and stumbled across the tour. Our Christmas is a little different to yours as I am writing to you from Adelaide, South Australia and as we rapidly head towards Christmas we are facing a 37 degree day (99 farenheit) this coming Friday as summer puts us on notice. No snow, no deers, no hot chocolate but lots of tinsel, santas and chardonnay! Your tour has opened up a whole new world of bloggers to me, with their different styles and ideas. I shall go through the tour again and decide, amongst them, a few new people to follow and I very much look forward to this years invites. Think of us as you are throwing snowballs and I will endeavour to forward you a couple of photos of Christmas Down Under.
    Kind regards

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