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You should have seen it before!!! The Party~!

Welcome to the “you should have seen it before” party..
Link up..! let’s show your scary before and wonderful after’s..
Here are the rules…
1.Make sure you post the before picture first.
2.Make sure you put your direct link, not your blog link.
3.Make sure you link back to this post.. credit where credit is due, traffic to me.. traffic to you… (as long as you amend an old link, you can feel free to use something you’ve already posted.).
And now…
I am baring my soul here…
Here’s my scary mess..
Please don’t run away screaming when you see my “before” pictures.. I promise I’m a changed woman!

Here is the real estate photo from when we bought our house in 2001. Of course, it was my first house as my husband and I lived in an apartment for years and Pottery Barn was HOT baby.. so I painted the walls..

I remember my neighbors telling me it was such gossip that someone would actually paint their walls red
I thought I was sooo hip.
Let me tell you.. looking back now.. OMG! it was a CAVE! What was I thinking???!
I was doing well, I put the furniture in the same way the old residents did…

Then in came aged Tuscan around 2003 to lighten things up… and then, I stopped decorating.
3 kids in 5 years took the wind (and money) out of my sails a bit.

Then one day, after blogging a bit, I thought.
Wow, my house looks like crap ( just keeping it real girls…)!
And why do I have my furniture all jumbled up like that?
And why am I wasting so much usable space?
So I broke the room up in half, one side which is still a work in progress…

and the other which (except for my chairs) I am very happy with.

So there’s my deep dark secrets..!
What is your “you should’ve seen it before?”
Let’s see yours! Dish it up!
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