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DIY chalk acrylic paint upcycle jug

Happy New Year!
It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so thrilled to be sharing a new craft with you this January! A DIY chalk acrylic paint upcycle jug!
Back in September, when we moved into our 100 year old farmhouse we quickly realized that we were right down the street from a local brewery. (Insert smiley faces and lots of cheers!)


Easy DIY craft upcycle project!
When we purchase the beer to bring home it’s packaged in these awesome glass jugs.


We’ve collected a few (they can eventually be returned as you pay a deposit for the bottles here in Connecticut) and I recently felt inspired to chalk paint one to give it the feel of old pottery in an easy upcycle project.
It’s really easy and you only need a few supplies.  Here’s what I used: a clean jug, fine sandpaper, chalk acrylic paint (Waverly Chalk Acrylic Paint in Plaster), paint brush, clean rag, finishing wax.


Start out by removing the label from the bottle (if applicable). Note: mine was not removable, so I lightly sanded it to remove any ridges.  Then, paint several thin coats, letting the paint thoroughly dry.  If you get any drippy or thick parts, just lightly sand.  When you are happy with the coverage and the paint it fully dry, apply some furniture finishing wax with a rag and buff it off.
I’m using my jug as part of my coffee table styling.



I love the antique mixed with modern feel the jug gives, and the white mixed with a big thorny branch from our property is perfect for the winter months.