The Jennifer Rizzo TV Channel

Hi there!  While I have lots of video tutorials in many of the posts, you have to be in one of those posts to watch the videos. This page is the Jennifer Rizzo TV channel, and a great way to watch all of the videos I’ve made one after the other.  Tap on the video player at the bottom of screen below the graphic to make it full sized and the arrow to forward through videos! If you love hand-making craft and creative home decor projects, gardening and art tutorials we are kindred spirits and The Jennifer Rizzo TV channel is the right place for you.

Jennifer Rizzo TV logo

We have everything from craft and decorating projects, to gardening and fun DIY and art tutorials. This channel does have ads, so you may see them play between videos, and thank you for letting those ads play! It’s one of the ways I earn income for my family. I hope you enjoy sitting back with a cup of coffee and watching some fun projects!

I also hope seeing these projects will inspire you to explore your own creative side! I truly believe that everyone is creative in their own way and deep creation is a place where we meet and rest in our soul. I am also a big believer in imperfection. In make mistakes while creating all of the time. I also am a Ms. Safety says and always recommend wearing and taking the right steps for the proper safety protection in every project. For more information on upcoming live workshops, make sure to check out the workshop page.

The Jennifer Rizzo TV channel is for entertainment purposes only and videos are closed captioned and play music.