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Santos doll 2 and art doll class e-course

I am excited to announce after quite a few years, I am releasing another Santos doll and Art doll class e-course! The last one was hugely popular and I loved seeing  all of the dolls everyone made! Many of you know clay is one of my favorite art mediums. I took 2 years of ceramics and clay work in college. I just love the process of sculpting. I also think any one can do it, even if you’ve never dug your fingers into a ball of damp clay.

This time the class is even better! We will review a few of the older cage doll techniques for those of you who have not previously taken the class, but we are going to dive into all new dolls and forms!

(for the class supply list click here.)

Santos and art doll course by Jennifer Rizzo

Including building armatures and frames from ordinary materials. Make arms and legs,sculpt and  paint faces and features.

Sculpted doll

We’ll work with wire, clay,

plaster, concrete,wood and more.

Sculpted and painted wings

We’ll cover standing and cage Santos dolls, and various art dolls based on nature. And be inspired to make  wings out of various materials.

Ecourse on how to make this clay art doll by Jennifer Rizzo

The classes will all be prerecorded with 4 + hours of material, and you can take the class at your own pace.

We’ll cast dolls in concrete so they can stay outside, and I’ll even cover how to make molds so you can easily reproduce the harder parts like faces!

I am really excited because I love to dive into clay work and get my hands dirty!

There is a basic supply list, but you can also click to this page to go through to Amazon to grab your supplies for this Santos and art doll class!

It begins May 2,2016

The early registration price for this course is $26.

To register or read more come over to the course page.

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See you in class!!

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