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Steam Clean a Vinyl Floor

You guys know I love my steam cleaner!  I use it all of the time. It was one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I had it! I recently had to steam clean a vinyl floor at work. I might had dropped an an entire container of paint on myself, and the surrounding area ( Ok, maybe two containers of paint, a few days in a row.). And then, we had a workshop where there was blue paint on the floor. So let’s just say, there was a big clean up in order. The thing about a Makery, is that there is always paint being used. Most of  the time, I just get it on myself.

Paint splatter on shoes Jennifer Rizzo

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While I am not excited that I ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes, and socks, and leggings…I am excited to share the new HomeRight SteamMachine Elite with you. With it’s triangular head attachment, and microfiber pad, it made taking the paint off the floor super easy, and much less back-breaking!

Paint on floor before cleaning Jennifer Rizzo

HomeRight SteamMachine Elite foro cleaning vinyl floors

I was amazed at how well it cleaned the paint up! You can see more about how I cleaned it here on the HomeRight blog, plus some of my other HomeRight projects.

Cleaning a floor with paint with a steam cleaner

It quickly softened the paint, and then started to lift it right up! It was so much easier than getting on my hands and knees to scrub it.

Clean floor after steam cleaning

You guys, I was seriously impressed. I couldn’t believe how clean the floor ended up! I’m going to tackle the ceramic floor in our basement next.

The thing I really love about the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite, is that it comes with 19 attachments, including one for regular fabric steaming! I have some gray linen drapes to try it on, so I will let you know how it works!

This is a sponsored post by HomeRight. Opinions are entirely my own.   This post does not substitute for the the proper operating instructions. Always read them thoroughly before using the steam cleaner.