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Word of the year 2018

One thing I’ve tried to do for the last few years was to  pick a word of the year. I’ve thought a lot about my word of the year 2018. I’m a big believer in setting intentions, and putting it out there. My word last year was expectant. Expectant for what God had in store for me and my family, expectant as to what the new year held as a fresh start from the really  hard year before. Expectant and just ready for what lay ahead. Never in a thousand years, would I have imagined if I started 2017 with my arms opened wide to what was planned,  and now I would be sitting here, co-owner of a retail store and start -up business, and looking at bigger things. Even though it had been a long time dream, I had very quietly settled into writing on my blog, and working with brands, and doing a little product licensing. I was comfortable. Though if I had to give it real words, I was contentedly restless. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to, and cruising along in my lane, but that there was more waiting. A fork in the road. And it was time to move forward and be a little brave.

2017 was a weirdo year.There have been a lot of really hard things this year. Many of those things that really dug in deep, and hurt my heart, but, there have also been a lot of really beautiful things this year too. I noticed a lot of everyday miracles in all kinds of ways. Those are some of the most important one. So, I have to say, 2017 really showed up as one to be memorable for lots of reasons.

Word of the year 2018 Growth

After much thinking, I decided that my word of the year 2018 is going to be growth. We have this little thing Autumn and I have been given, and I have all of these things locked up inside that tell me it’s time to be out of my comfort zone.  I can feel God working on in the background, giving me these tiny shoves, step forward, move one, one foot in front of the other. Growth, even if it’s baby steps.

Have you picked a word of the year 2018 yet? What would it be? Or do you do resolutions, or even goals for the new year?