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Currently reading…

I go through phases with reading. It seems like for the longest time I’d had no interest in reading, suddenly, I am going through books like bags of candy. I thought I would share a few of the books I just finished, and am currently reading.  If you have a book and would love to share, please put it in the comments! I always love discovering new books! (Post contains affiliate links) You can click on any of the pictures to check out the books. To see past books I’ve read click here,or here

I am seriously in love with Old Home Love.  It’s like an old house dream. I just sit was with a cup of coffee, read through the pages, and look at how beautiful the photos are.

I follow Floret Farm on Instagram and it’s one of my favorite feeds. If you had a dream about living in a garden, this would be that garden.

I love Liz, and I love how beautiful her home is, and every single touch she adds. If you love Farmhouse style, you’ll love this book.

Speaking of farms, I love this book. I am a little over half way. It takes place in Door County, Wisconsin, during WWII. It’s about the family that live on a cherry farm during the war, trying to get by as their teenage daughter comes of age.

We just read this book for book club. It’s a sweet, easy read about an Irish immigrant daughter coming of age in Chicago right after the war. The author adds nice pieces of Chicago history.

Two words: SO GOOD.

This book. Lovely,lovely,lovely. Even the cover. Lovely.

A young Irish girl comes over as an indentured servant in the South before the civil war.

I love Heather and Vanessa, and I love this book. It’s sweet and wonderful for your heart.

So are there any books you’ve been reading you can share? At night, I’ve decided to put the phone down, and pick up books  before bed. I just made a library run the other day and stocked up.  It’s a much better habit!

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  1. I just got my copy of the Floret Farm book yesterday, and I’m all like ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I’m also in love with the Farmhouse Charm!

    I may need to order Old Home Love now that you mention it.

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