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How to Make DIY Abstract Multi-Panel Art

I recently made some DIY Abstract Multi Panel Art to add to an upcoming makeover. Multi-panel abstract art is a great way to create interest by spreading an image out across several canvases, and is a great alternative to filling a wall instead of using one large piece of art.

To make this multi panel abstract art, start by base coating the canvases with white paint and let dry. I used old printed mass-produced canvases that were over 10 years old. Painting over old, not trendy any more canvases like that is a great way to upcycle them, just make sure they aren’t priceless works of art!

Upcycle old mass produced canvases by painting over them.

It did take several coats of white paint to cover the original image on the canvases. A small part of me feels a little bad about painting over art, but at least it was a mass produced piece, and not someone’s personal art. You can find supplies here in my Amazon store under “Make Art”.

Paint supplies used in creating abstract art

Once the paint is dry, place the canvases next to each other. I decided to stagger mine slightly for interest so they were off-set by about 3 inches on the top and bottom, but they can also be lined up right next to each other if you prefer a more symmetrical look.

Trace a circle across both canvases

Use  a pencil to draw a circle across both canvases. I used a round turn table as a template, but any round shape of the right size will do.

Paint with both canvases together

Once the circle is drawn, use a light colored paint to paint in the circles and let dry.  You don’t have to use a circle, you can also use a square or abstract shapes too.

Also paint design on the inside edge of the canvas

Make sure to follow the lines and paint the inside of the canvases as well, let dry.

Add tree branch image to canvases

Put both canvases together, and draw a branch , or other free-form shape across both surfaces. With a black marker, trace  branch-y shapes, and fill in the tracing (also fill in on the canvas sides where needed.). To re-create this image, grab the free printable below!

Continue image around the edge of the canvas

Repeat image on each canvas to create abstract art

Once your DIY abstract multi panel art is dry, it’s ready to hang! You can place them as close together, or as far a part as you like, depending on the look your going for. I hung mine with about two inches between them. They make a nice addition to the room!

DIY multi panel abstract canvas

It was so simple and easy! To see the art in the room, check out this post here.

Tree branch black and white sketch printable