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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Makeover and Our Wood Floors

This post is in partnership with Bona Flooring.

I wanted to give our bedroom a refresh, and thought it was time for  what I call a modern bohemian bedroom makeover.  I’m also partnering with Bona Flooring on this makeover to share an update on our wood floors after 3 years of daily use!  Our floors are such a huge part of our aesthetic, and how we live every day.  Back in 2017, we partnered with Bona , and a Bona certified contractor to refinish the original hardwood flooring upstairs in our home. It’s now 3 years later (how time flies!), and I have to say, they’ve held up so well, and we still love them! I don’t know if we can ever go back to wall to wall carpet.Refinishing our floors had been something we wanted to do from the moment we realized there were original hardwood floors under the old, gross carpet. It’s a home improvement project I am so glad we did!

Beautiful wood floors in a boho MCM bedroom

We had the best experience with Bona,especially in comparison to when we had our downstairs floors refinished by a different flooring company.  When we had our downstairs floors done the first time, it was a disaster. There was dust everywhere, and we had to have our ducts cleaned, and we couldn’t be in our home for almost a week. With Bona, there wasn’t any dust at all, and I couldn’t believe how easy and clean it was, especially with the Bona Dust Containment System., and we stayed in our home the entire time!

Refinished hardwood flooring after 3 years

Our floors have held up so well, they are so durable,  and  they still look  amazing 3 years later. They are the perfect backdrop for our bedroom makeover!

Modern bohemian bedroom makeover with plants and rust colored pillows

We started the bedroom makeover by swapping out rugs between our bedroom and our dining area (see what it looked like before here.). I almost hate to put a rug down because we love our floors so much! If you remember when we pulled the original carpeting up 3 years ago, we had no idea if the floors could even be saved or not. We had heard rumors that there might be cat pee “issues” from a few owners ago,and luckily while there was some damage, but our Bona Certified Contractor was able to work magic! Floors are such an important part of room design, and it can change the whole feel and aesthetic of a room just by renovating the floors! Our Bona Certified Contractor actually was so patient with me and custom mixed a ton of stain colors until we found one I completely loved. Bona’s finish is waterborne and this low VOC, low odor, durable finish keeps the work site safe and the home free of toxic odors. The result was a durable, beautiful finish that I still love! Our floors were completely done in about 4 days from start to finish,we never had to leave our home (unlike that first time), and we could walk on them soon after. It was such a great experience, when we are ready to refinish our downstairs hardwood floors, I’ll be using Bona again.

Pillows on bed by Jennifer Rizzo

I layered some fun pillows I designed on the bed to add some color. I placed Sketched Trailing Floral Botanical in Clay pillows toward the back, and in the front I added some fun “kissing” pillows of line drawing abstract faces. I like to think they are hubby and I . I paired it with a super soft Sketched Trailing Floral Botanical Blanket.

Modern DIY abstract paneled art and white vases with grasses

For our Modern Bohemian Bedroom Makeover, I also changed out the drapes to a lighter fabric for summer, and a vintage white coverlet. I love the lighter curtain fabric which has made the bedroom light and bright all day long. I am sure the pothos likes it too, though he is growing crazy as it is anyway. This room can get really dark in the afternoon since it’s a western exposure.

Bedroom makeover with abstract art, plants and clay colored rust pillow and blanket

On the wall next to the bed,as a part of Modern Bohemian Bedroom Makeover, I made some easy abstract multi-panel art from thrift store canvases. It was so easy to make, and you can also create your own.

Nightstands with lamp shelves. More room for books!

For our nightstands on each side, I bought pretty, gold lamps from Target. To add more nightstand space (for my books), we decided to build little shelves to place our lamps on above the nightstands. It gives it a more modern look, and really frees up space and  also raise the lamps up to cast more light when reading. They were so easy to make!

Bedside lamp shelves and MCM furniture and boho decor

I really love how light and bright and fresh our bedroom feels with our Modern Bohemian Bedroom Makeover, and it feels so fresh and modern!


If refinishing or installing hardwood floors is the next project on your punch list, Using Bona, and working with a Bona Certified Contractor is a great way to go! It was easy and safe! When he came to our house,he followed all safety protocols and was a pleasure to work with in all aspects of the job (today, with all current events going on, all Bona Certified Contractors are following CDC guidelines)! Bona has a full suite of products designed to work together to install, renovate, finish, transform and ultimately care for hardwood floors. If you have questions about wood flooring, you can check out this Wood Floors 101 page on their website.

You can also watch a video where I am chatting about my flooring and out experience 3 year later!

This post was sponsored by Bona Flooring, even though I was compensated for this post, opinions are entirely my own

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