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DIY Stenciled books

Hi Everyone! It’s Jennifer Zuri here from Town and Country Living with a very easy home decor project for you. I love collecting books and am always looking for unique ways to display them. I’ve decoupaged them, used their pages for various craft projects, or simply stacked them in coordinating colors. For this project, I decided to flip the books around and stencil words on them.

Stenciled Words on Books via www.town-n-country-living.com Stenciled words on books, tied together with a pretty ribbon, makes for a fast and easy way to personalize your home. And in the summer when there’s more to do … a quick project is always a good thing!


Collection of Books from Goodwill

A recent trip to Goodwill resulted in this stack of summer reading. I love sitting on my front porch with a good book. It beats watching TV any day! Since I can’t read them all at once, I might as well do something decorative with the rest of them.


Collection of Books from GoodwillI removed the jackets from the books (don’t worry, I didn’t throw them away) to reveal pretty colors.


How to stencil words on books via www.town-n-country-living.comYou can use stencils to add words to the sides of your books, or simply freehand the letters. For “Home Sweet Home” I decided to draw the words myself, using a pencil first. This allowed me to erase and re-draw as needed.


How to stencil words on books via www.town-n-country-living.comUsing a paint pen in dark brown, you simply trace over the letters you wrote out in pencil.

Find a ribbon and tie your books together.


How to stencil words on books via www.town-n-country-living.comOn this set, I did use a stencil to create the letters.

You could use this same idea and write your child’s name.


How to stencil words on books via www.town-n-country-living.comFor more home decor projects, visit me at Town and Country Living!


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