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super fun summertime kid activities and ideas…..!

Hi everyone! With warmer temperatures approaching, I thought I would share 15 super fun summertime kid activities and ideas. Because who doesn’t want a “super-funner” summer?

have a more fun summer with these 15 acitvites

I’ve been searching around Pinterest for some things to do with the kids. I would love to actually have something planned for once, instead of going into the whole thing unprepared. We are going to do our library’s big summer read, and I have a few day trips planned and a camp or two scattered in the middle, but it would be nice to have some other activities as well. I hate it when they ask “what are we going to do today?” and I have no answer. Lots of times  my answer is “Go play” because that’s what we did as kids, and we didn’t come home until the street lights came on either. We were out all day and someone’s mom fed us. It’s so different now, and while I am all about the play time, I would like to have a few tricks up my sleeve. I thought I would share the things I found with you too.Then, when your kids, the annoying neighbors kids, or grand kids ask you, you can also whip out your box of tricks. 🙂

1.Like how to make a swing set tent with old sheets?

How to make a swingset tent with old sheets

2.what about setting up a tadpole habitat with the kids?

How to set up a tadpole habitat

3.How about making ice with food dye and watching the melting pattern on plain paper?

4.Or adding food dye and a water mixture to water balloons and seeing what patterns they make on the pavement (not on each other.) when they break?

Or 5. visiting a local State fair? We love the Wisconsin state fair. It’s super family friendly and you can buy wine.I mean, where else can you rock a pickle hat?

The Wisconsin state fair

6. How about a fun green bean hideaway for the kids?

7. And keeping that chalky mess outside with an outdoor chalkboard?

8. Squirt gun painting. This sounds like a ton of fun, but I wonder how long it would take until my kids turned on each other and they looked like they were bleeding rainbows. Old clothes for this one for sure!

 9. Scavenger hunt. Remember those days?Running next door to ask your neighbor for an empty toilet paper roll?Maybe that was just us, but what a fun way to have kids connect with nature.

10. Make an air fort. How cool for a hot day?

11. Solar S’mores. Ummm… yes please! Two for mom!

12.Make a flower chain crown… I remember these days. I was bejeweled in yellow most summer days. Or, we would also rub the flower heads on our skin and make “butter.” We were so easily amused then…

13.Bouncing bubbles

14.Anything duck tape, like these shoes…

Duct tape shoes

15. DIY rock candy. You could use natural food dyes or leave the food dyes out.I think these are cool. I’ll have one of those!

I could mix my lemon La Croix and gin with it while I watch the kids play in the sprinkler. Now that’s summer fun.

Are you ready for the kids and summer?

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  1. Great ideas, Jen. My dad had these enormous orange drop cloths that my sister and I would use for a swing tent when we were kids. We had a glider swing and we would use that a our seats and eat in there and everything, until dad needed them back for a job, lol. Hope your neck has been better since your operation.

  2. Great ideas. I love the nature scavenger hunt. I’m going to be babysitting my sweet grand babies this summer while my son and daughter in law begin renovating the farm house my husband grew up in. I’m going to need lots of fun things to do.

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