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For the Love of Paint Your Own Silhouettes…

I have a new thing I’ve been working on for a few weeks now just in time for the holidays, and I wanted to show you how to do it too! It’s Paint Your Own Silhouettes! A painted silhouette is one of those things that is timeless in style. I know many people collect them as well. It would be fun to do one every year of your child to see how their profiles changes as they grow. You don’t need many supplies and you can follow the step by step images below.

While I am painting these on a plaque with some scrapbook paper glued to it, you could also do these on paper and frame them.

Paint your own silhouette tutorial

With painting silhouettes, most of the supplies are pretty easy and are with things you might already have on hand, If you don’t have any black paint, you could also use a permanent black marker like a sharpie.

Supply list to paint your own silhouette on a plaque

Print a profile picture out to create a silhouette

Tip: You can also print your child’s profile on heavy cardstock, color it in with black marker, cut it out and glue it! Instant silhouette without painting!

Outline the image to create a silhouette

Transfer image to create a silhouette

Transfer silhouette image to plaque


You can also cut out your silhouette and then trace around the outside of your cut out. Having this printed out on a stiffer paper like cardstock makes this easier, almost like  a reverse stencil.

Use black paint to paint in image of silhouette

Paint an easy DIY silhouette

It’s that easy! It’s such an awesome way to add custom art to your home too. When you Paint Your Own Silhouettes, you can do this on all kind of surfaces. These would also be so sweet as greeting cards, on a canvas pillow, or even as a lamp shade like I did here.




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