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Frogs and Bunny Wall Murals for Kids Rooms

When I have a painting client, I really love doing children’s room murals because they are so much fun. This year, I’ve been doing a lot of Frog and Bunny Wall Murals. Murals are a great alternative to wallpaper, because it is so much easier to remove, and you can really customize it! Though the new  removable wallpapers are nice. You can see how I custom designed some wallpaper here for our kitchen.

Kid's room moon wall mural

This one is from an English story by Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. I love how  Jeremy Fisher is catching the moon, it’s so sweet. He was really fun to paint!
Jeremy Fisher Beatix Potter wall Mural
This client wanted a sign for her bathroom for her little’s to remember to wash their hands. We have the same issue in our home! I love being able to paint custom canvases. It makes me, and my clients happy.

Cute wash your hands sign for kids bathroom

For this client, I painted a marsh scene that included some frogs, birds and butterflies.

Painted frog wall mural in bathroom

A mural around this tub makes for some serene bathing!

Bunny wallpaper mural by Jennifer Rizzo
I love painting nature, and I love bunnies in little kids rooms.

and I must have been influenced a bit because I made over this bunny lamp for my girl’s room. Even though it wasn’t so nice when I found it, I just knew I just had to have it in there!

Baby's room bunny wall mural

Or this one which is one of my favorites…

So cute painted bunny wall mural

These sweet, little bunnies catching butterflies. They are one of my favorites!

Super cute bunny wall mural for a kid's room

And one little guy just hanging out in the corner, smelling flowers. Do you have any murals or themes you find you gravitate to in decorating?

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