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Make your house smell amazingly like fall

I am  a huge smell person. To the point where I cannot stand off-smells, which is why I like my home to smell amazingly like fall.

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Fall leaves and the amazing scent of fall at home

Both my oldest daughter and I are like smell radars, and we are the first ones to be able to pick up the tiniest smells like mold,stinky feet, etc. It’s kind of a good talent to have. I once smelled  natural gas in our home. The utility guy came in and couldn’t smell anything and I don’t think he really believed me. It wasn’t until he took out his super-sensitive sniffer tool out that he finally found the minuscule leak. He looked at me in amazement and told me “You have some kind of nose, I don’t know how you smelled that?!”

Well, yes, yes, I do. Thank you very much.

But,because if that, I don’t really like fake ,chemical fragrances either. They actually smell like chemicals to me. And, certain perfumes make me crazy.

To me, the smell of fall is a warm,cozy, spicy scent of baking. I think that’s why people love pumpkin spice.I’ve found a few tricks to getting that smell without being overwhelming.

Make your house smell like fall

One of them is literally using pumpkin pie spice in my crock pot, or a carefully watched pan on the stove with a dash of vanilla in water. You can also add a little coffee into the mixture to get that yummy coffee smell added in.

Use crock pot to make your house smell like pumpkin spice and fall

Keeping it on low with the top open warms the spices just enough to send that comforting scent through your house.

I also love to add essential oils to a cotton ball such as cinnamon and put them in a mason jar with some screening on top and tuck them away in discreet locations.

You can also add essential oilsto a Essential Oil Diffuser if you have one. I have a friend who sells them if you are interested!

I also love using natural cleaners with yummy smells. I love this one by Mrs. Meyers.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Apple Cider cleaners

I think they makes my kitchen smell amazing! I love using their Iowa pine in the winter months!

This is actually one of my favorite fall candles.Teakwood And Tobacco Soy Candle. The scents are subtle, yet rich enough that they don’t seem to bother me that much.

They remind me of a more masculine fall, if that’s even a thing?

I hope you are now on your way to a more make your home smell amazingly like fall kind of day!


And I have a new pumpkin pillow in the shop!!

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  1. I believe I’ll give the pumpkin spice a try today. I’m like you with the sensitive sniffer. Can’t stand a cheap candle for the same, chemically reason.

  2. I’ve been searching for + finally found Mrs. Meyers’ new Apple Cider cleaning products, just a few days ago at Target. Yummo! I love Iowa Pine, too! Meanwhile, I can barely stand to use the Pine Sol Sparkling Wave that G.O. brought home. Sparkling chemicals is ore like it. 😉

  3. Love the crock pot idea. Candles leave soot and black on everything. My family room has black spots on the ceiling and on the walls . My painter said it’s from burning candles. Who knew?

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