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Numbered Organizer Farmhouse Fence Planter Idea

This DIY farmhouse fence planter idea is a nice accent for a long fence section!

We recently participated in a garden walk for our local women’s club. It was a rush the last few weeks to mulch, weed, and get the yard ready. Of course, because we are super-smart, we also took a vacation to Rhode Island the week before. All in all, we were able to pull it all together for the big day. If you follow my IG account, you’ll also see that it rained. All. Day. Long. I will have to say, the dedicated gardeners came out in full force!  We managed to pull together a few, fun ideas for the walk. One of them is a numbered  farmhouse fence planter idea from an organizer. It’s super cute, and fills a really big blank spot on my back fence. The only downside is, I do find I have to water it a little more often than normal, but for me, it’s the trade off for how darling it is. It was so easy to make too!!

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Organizer for a DIY farmhouse fence planter idea

 I found my super-cute organizer at Hobby Lobby, but here are a few on Amazon. The biggest thing is that is has drainage, so the plant roots don’t rot in the planter., that’s why I liked the wire baskets. I knew I wanted to do a combination of some trailing plants and some upright plants. So, I purchased some Vinca trailing vine, Geraniums, and purple sweet potato vines for color.

 On Amazon, I found this  Farmhouse storage organizer , and this cute basket organizer .  This is such an easy DIY planter idea, you’ll want to make some for all over your yard!

Add burlap to your DIY fence planter

First, I lined the pockets of the organizer with burlap to hold the dirt in place. Coir fiber for a basket liner would work as well.

Add dirt to your DIY fence planter at Jennifer Rizzo.com

Add potting soil to the inside of the burlap, leaving some room for the plants. My wire baskets weren’t super deep, so I added about a cup of dirt per holder.

DIY fence planter made from an organizer

Place the trailing plants in first, and then add the upright plants behind them. Once they are in place, add dirt on top, to fill any remaining space. Wrap the remaining burlap over, so when it rains or you water, the excess dirt doesn’t get splashed out.

Easy DIY fencer planter

Afterwards, give it a good soaking. The fence planter may need to be watered slightly more frequently than a traditional planter, but it’s so cute, and easy to put together, that’s okay!

Fun farmhouse fence planter DIY from Jennifer Rizzo

I love how it fills the long, back fence section.  I have more pictures coming of the yard and garden, and the area it’s in.

Idea for a hang on the farmhouse fence planter for geraniums and trailing vines from Jennifer Rizzo

I love how the trailing Vinca add some interest  in the farmhouse fence planter.

Easy and fun fence planter made from a numbered storage organizer by Jennifer Rizzo

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