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How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Galvanized Tub: Step by Step

One of my new favorites things to make is actually terrariums and fairy garden’s. I’ve always loved miniature things. I had a doll house my dad built when I was 10 and I spent hours upon hours playing with it and furnishing it. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that are supposed to look like places where fairies would live. How fun is that?  I think it’s the perfect craft project for dreaming and pretending! Learn how to make your own fairy garden in How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Galvanized Tub: Step by Step.  It is also a fun way to use smaller plants  to create a miniature world and for the most part, no extra dirt is required and this one can stay inside to be enjoyed all year! Mine is summer party themed, and who doesn’t love a party no matter how small?

How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Galvanized Tub: Step by Step

At Micheals, I raided the aisle with accessories for fairy gardens and then the dollhouse aisle for miniatures for the party goods. In he wood section they had items for the fencing and dowels and finally I visited the floral aisle for moss. Lastly, since my theme inspiration was “summer party”, and I needed a planter of some kind,  I headed over to the home decor section for the galvanized bucket for my container (You can also use clay pots, a terra cotta saucer, or planters). My biggest challenge was finding some mini-string lights so I decided to make them. In the the jewelry aisle, I found the items to make the mini-vintage light string (jewelry findings and clear beads.) for my whimsical fairy garden. Finally, I needed something to add a bit of celebration, I went to the party aisle for the white and blue paper flag bunting .

After I bought most of what I needed for the fairy garden itself, also popped over to the home improvement store (you can also visit your local nursery) and bought a few smaller live plants, a cheap, plastic plant drip tray, and a square of thick foam for my garden base. The trick to this is making sure you use small plants (herbs work well!), or succulents that don’t need a lot of water.

Metal tub for a terrrium fairy garden

I added my foam that would just sit inside of the top of my galvanized bucket to create a surface, I measured around the outside and then cut about 1/2 inch in so it would fit inside and slightly under the edge of the bucket.

Place your larger objects for yout terrarium fairy garden for  How to Make a Fairy Garden in a Galvanized Tub: Step by Step

After cutting the round out and making a few notches on the side (so I can get my fingers in there.). I laid out my larger items and my plants to see where I wanted to put everything. Then, I traced around and cut out my holes for my plants, making sure they were slightly smaller than the rim of the plant pot so they wouldn’t fall through.

Cutting out holes for plants

Underneath, I used the rest of the foam to build up the bottom and support it. Also, I placed a plastic, round pot drip tray underneath all of the foam. Even though I will take my plants out to water them.=, they could continue dripping.

Add moss and fairy garden items

I glued my moss on to the foam with white craft glue, added my plants in, and then started on the fun stuff of adding all of the cute miniatures! I let my creativity fly with it and it was so much fun! I added a cute fence for the back drop and a bench.

Over view of a terrarium inspired summer party fairy garden

 It was fun to be creative and make some of my own miniatures and put things together. I knew my kids would love it, and I couldn’t wait to share it with them.

Summer party in a fairy garden

The small red table in the previous picture I painted white, wrapped the top in aluminum foil, and wiped some white paint on to make it look like an old, galvanized table. I wish I could do this with my big table. The cute navy and white banner is from the party aisle for cake toppers adhered to a dowel rod painted white.

Mini lights made from beads

To make the fun string lights, it was an easy craft! I took jewelry finding tops  for necklaces,and glued clear beads to them.

Fairy Garden in a Galvanized Tub

Look at all of these super cute mini-foods Micheals has like these cute lemonade glasses with a lemon wedge, and mini croissants! I made the drink dispenser from a jewelry charm, some yellow seed beads, and a mini-wood round. Looking up close it’s like a world has been shrunk down!

Fun miniature summer party

If you’re thirsty,and ready to party, there might be some that’s spiked. 🙂 The plants are low maintenance and are the perfect touch!

Drink station made from a jewlery finding

Another one of the crafts I made was  good drink station for a party idea, like this 4th of July one! How cute is this little crate to put the drinks on!

Host a fairy garden summer party

If you are in Chicago, help yourself to a “pop” otherwise, you can have a soda. 🙂 I added clear beads to make ice in the cute bucket,and seriously, in the miniature section there was even a mini-barrel! I don’t have any figurines, but I need to pick some up. I might even add a gnome or two to the party!

Terrarium sinpired summer party fairy garden

For seating a bench with boots, a small pillow and a tree stump table to put some treats on, are perfect for party-goers and look delicious! I wish I had mini-bundt cakes like I did here for a real grown up party

Terrarium inspired summer garden party in a galvanized tub

 I love how the plants (I used a succulent and  a polka dot plant) make the perfect backdrop of foliage for the party. It feels almost like a real garden. I love terrariums and think they are a really fun DIY trend especially this terrarium inspired summer party fairy garden! If you love terrariums, you can also see this project here.

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