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Paint strip egg holders and DIY paper flower vase for Easy Easter and spring crafts

I wanted to share the projects and templates with you that I demonstrated on our local news. It was the same station I did the segment for in December, and if you are in the area, it was WGN channel 9 midday fix. I’ll post a link for you later!I love these two Easter and spring crafts because they are really simple, but have a great look, and are fun for everyone.

The first one is paint strip egg holders.

With the amount of painting I do, I always have a bunch of these left over. I had quite a few left over from when we did the girls room and they were the perfect spring colors. I thought it would be fun to re-purpose them. If you don’t have paint strips on hand, you could also use stiffer scrapbook paper or card stock.

On the back of the paint strip, I drew my image. You can draw one of your own, or feel free to use one of the templates provided at the end of the post to use.

cute paint strip project

I then cut along my lines.

paint strip project

You can also use a fancy scrapbook edge punch if you don’t want an animal silhouette.

fancy edge punch on a paint strip

I made my strips about 6 inches long . Use clear tape to put the two ends together in a loop and viola!

paint strips repurposed into egg holders

Easy egg display!

repurposed paint strips

How fun are those?

I also decided to demonstrate an easy and inexpensive way to gift spring flowers with a paper bag flower vase.

great paper bag project-fun way to gift flowers

I thought it would be kind of fun to do  a play on a vase, on  paper bag. The flowers are sitting inside a mason jar with a little bit of water for structure.

templet for paper bag vase

This is the design if you want to use it on a template and copy it. I think this would be a great house warming or even fun centerpieces on the cheap. You could also change the colors or make it a fun coloring project for the kids.

Here are the templates for the egg holders. THey are so easy for Easter and spring crafts!

Paint strip egg holder templates

I also hope you enjoyed my earlier post about basement support posts…!

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