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Easy copper leaf eggs…

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so thrilled to be here today sharing a simple Easter craft. I just know that it is going to eventually feel like spring up here in the Northeastern U.S. one of these days, and when it does I will so be ready!

I’m not a super big decorator for Easter, but I do love adding in little touches for the season around my home. The eggs I’m sharing with you all today are so easy to make and you just need a couple of items, which can be found at the craft store.
Supplies: small paint brushes, wooden eggs (mine already came primed), one bottle of Liquid Leaf in copper and a bottle of metal leaf sealer.
All I did was paint a couple of thin coats of the Liquid Leaf onto the wooden eggs. Make sure to read the directions for proper dry times in between coats (mine was about an hour).  Just a couple of notes: First, you will need a special product to clean your brush. Since I didn’t have the cleaner on hand, I used an old cheap one and ended up just tossing it out. Second, this stuff stinks! If you are sensitive to chemical smells I would recommend working with it outside.
Lastly, you need to add a protective coat of sealer. Just paint on and let dry.
Gilding (rather than using regular metallic craft paint) gave a much richer, more natural metal luster to the eggs. I just love how they came out! I also love that I was able to find the leafing material in copper. It has been a trend that I am seeing more and more of and have been really wanting to try it out on a smaller, less permanent scale and this was the perfect project for that.
I hope you’ll give this project a try and, remember, you are always welcome to stop by Number Fifty-Three. I would love to have you!
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