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Painted Metallic Copper Drawer Pulls

I have a fun dresser makeover to share, but I thought I would show you how I updated the drawer pulls with you first. I used metallic paint, and turned them into copper drawer pulls. It was so super fast, and easy, and inexpensive.  It’s a great option when you don’t want to : A. Spend money on new pulls or knobs for a dresser, or B. Can’t find the right ones to fit. For me, the answer was both A and B. The pulls were vintage, and they go so well with the dresser; it seemed a shame to separate them. Also, the pull spacing between holes was so close,and I had a limited selection to choose from. Otherwise I would have to drill a place for new holes. Even though I am really good at spackling, and using wood putty, I decided to take the path of least resistance this time, and give a little makeover to the pulls that came with the dresser.

Vintage drawer pulls before painting on a vintage dresser

You can see they have a pretty shape and detail. It would be a shame not to use them. I painted them in DecoArt (not sponsored) Americana Metallics in Bronze. It gave them a pretty, aged copper look.


Painting old drawer handles with copper paint as an inexpensive way to update them.

Using an old brush,and  I pounced on the paint with a stippling technique, to give them a textured appearance.

Copper drawer pulls painted with metallic paint

I made sure to move the brush around to get in all of the details of the handles.
Copper colored painted drawer pull makeover

It took  about a total of 5 minutes to paint all three handles, and I let them dry for a full day. Even though it dries faster than that, I wanted to make sure they were completely dry before I decided to put them back on. I had a few spots where I touched them before they were 100% dry, and a little paint lifted off. I actually left the spots where the paint rubbed off, because I liked the little bit of patina it gave them.

Vintage pulls painted on a vintage dresser in gray paint I love quick and easy makeovers! I can’t wait to share with you how awesome the dresser turned out! It’s been sitting in my garage forever, just waiting for the opportunity for a new life.