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easy gathered leaf art

I love an easy leaf art project.

Ash tree in FallI am really lucky to still have our lone Ash tree, because it drops the prettiest leaves. My neighborhood looks amazing with every tree at the height of fall color.

It kind of ,sort of makes up for the other crappy weather. Sort of.

I gathered a few from my yard and thought it would be nice to really enjoy the color and texture of the leaves. I had purchased a brass frame last year and had it sitting in a box, not really sure  how I was going to use it.

gather written on leaf in gold pen

I used a little gold paint on one to write the word gather. It seems so appropriate for fall.

gather leaves on burlap charger

Then I picked the two of my favorite leaves and slipped them into the frame after the gold paint dried.

fall leaves in a glass and brass frame

I love how the sunlight really highlights the veining on the leaves. I think that’s what I love most about fall. Even though I love the gentle green of spring, and the bright color of summer, I really love the deep russet of fall.  It’s almost like flower petals on trees.Leaf printableI have a printable for you as well. You could even frame this for some fall color in your house!

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