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Book Page Table Runner

I wanted to add some interesting texture to my coffee table, but I have to admit, I was too lazy to paint something and I wanted something less permanent in case I wanted to change it…Hmm… What’s clear, easy to clean, cheap, but I can stick things to? And under $6? a book page table runner idea made with adhesive shelf liner was the perfect solution! I made a full length one for my coffee table, but you could even do smaller ones for place mats. I used old book pages for mine, but you could use anything printed.

Book page table runner

Vintage book pages are a great item to craft with. I love being able to repurpose books that have completely fallen a part. If you don’t like the idea of using an old book as many bibliophiles don’t, you can also use a book from the dollar store, or even have your book pages copied and use the copies.
To make your book page table runner,  pre-cut a sheet of CLEAR adhesive shelf liner to the size you’d like. Get your book pages or other media ready. This would be a fab mixed media project/ display.Flip it so the paper backing side is up. Slowly peel the backing off a bit at a time and stick as you go. You may need to tape the sides down to hold it in place, or the top initially to keep it from moving. Once you have all of your media stuck on, you can flip it over and just use that one side or place another piece of adhesive shelf liner on the other side and both sides will be protected and completely wipeable if you have small children.

Table runner made from vintage book pages.

This would be awesome for a book club dinner, or you could use copies of family photos for display, or even display children’s art work. Wallpaper, wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper would also be great items to use as a themed-table runner. There area so many endless options!
For more book page crafts  see how to make fun mushrooms out of dollar store books,  or how to create this pretty book page wreath.
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