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Painting at the Shop Dark Gray and Light Gray

We spent the weekend painting at the shop! It’s amazing what a transformation a few cans of paint can make!

Inside main st eggplant walls before paint

We gathered the crew, and tackled the mint/lime green and eggplant colored walls.These colors confound me, I have no idea what era these walls were last painted in. Call me silly, I can’t ever recall a time when eggplant and mint ever went together. EVER. That green isn’t even really a good green either. Kind of mint, kind of green, kind of sage. Weird.

Back view main st

I knew I wanted to do a dark gray, light gray theme. It was so refreshing to put that first swipe of light gray on the walls. We decided on a color palette that would be bright and soothing, but feel open and neutral. The concept is light gray walls, dark gray trim, and wood. The ceiling  and flooring have to stay, but the lighting is all going to be changed out for something much, much cooler.

Painting at The Collective lhe

After taping and masking, that first swipe of paint was very therapeutic!

Painting the eggplant walls

It’s a family business, and it’s two families working together! We had great helpers. Messy, but great helpers.

Helpers painting

Once the new paint started covering all of the old paint, and we could see the change happening, it really started to feel exciting and fresh. The kids were really excited too.

Painting green walls at shop

Painting at the shop

A little factoid about me: I am about the messiest painter ever.  What you don’t see, is the other side of my jeans (that I had worn to church that morning.). I had forgotten to change out of them,and had just started painting the bathroom ceiling. I spilled an entire tray of white paint down my left side. Those church jeans are now paint jeans. True story.

Once all of the paint was up, late last night, we took a break and looked around. It seemed like an entirely new space and a great blank slate for us to start filling in with amazing product. Our crew was tired, but proud.We still have a few smaller walls in the back to do, and some trim and clean up, but what a difference!

Painted store front Main street The Collective lhe

We are so excited to get the Makery portion together, and have the classes up soon in a few weeks for registration!  We’ve had so  much interest, we also may be adding on extra spots, and times for private parties as well. Tell me what kind of classes you would love to attend or see. I would love to know! We are also going to have amazing guest artists and teachers too.

Dark gray wall paint

It was great to have the painting at the shop almost done, I feel like we can move forward!