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Creating a Retail Display with Hanging Tea Cups

Even I really enjoyed doing the Vintage Tea photo shoot. I was a great chance to really flex some creative muscles. I wanted to make something that really spoke to the collection. We have an amazing Maple tree in our side yard and I scoured all kinds of thrift stores and vintage markets to find pretty and  interesting china and ceramicware to create a Retail Display with Hanging Tea Cups from the branches of the tree. It ended up being so much better than I could have imagined. Though I will tell you I received some strange looks form the neighbors hanging tea cups from the tree.
Tea cups hanging from a tree in a catalog photo shoot display

It was easy to use twine to hang them in a random height pattern. I really loved this look and decided to recreate it at the Nada Farm sale for my booth space.
I was a little more careful when I hung them at the Farm Sale. I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t fall on anyones head so I only hung them over display pieces, not where anyone would be walking.Teacups hanging on  tree branches

The challenge was finding enough branches to cluster them close enough together from various heights so they wouldn’t all hang in a straight line. Luckily I was able to reach enough of them with a ladder.

Hanging vintage tea cups from the tree branch

When it finally all started to come together, it was so thrilling. It did take a little bit of patience to get them all at the same height. They looked so good against the vintage silver hung on the fence. it really created nice contrast.

Tea cups hung from a tree for retail display
 While I was prepping for my shoot, there was a lot of excitement from the area wildlife.
Dog and a cat in a tree
 There was the standoff between our dog and the neighbors cat.  Through the entire shoot something kept hitting me on the head. I finally realized there was a squirrel in the tree and he was not happy is was under his house at all.
Squirrel in a tree
 He even came down for a look. I was hoping he wasn’t going to start chewing through my carefully placed twine.
Squirrel in a tree


When everything was finally in place and the tea cups were at all of the right heights, my model came over so we could start the photo shoot.

Model climbing in a tree
 An my model was a good sport, even when I made her climb a tree for some of the shots.
Crocheted hat on a model
Doesn’t she look gorgeous? The handmade crocheted hat is a part of the collection! And I wish I was able to use this sweet tea cup on a stack of books, but I just ran out of room and a place to use it.
Tea cup balanced on books with a tag that says sip
There were some pictures that I loved, but I just couldn’t use. Thank you all for your support and for following me as I created this fun look with old tea cups! You can see the  results of the photo shoot and the full Vintage Tea Collection here.
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  1. I loved the tea cup photos. They almost looked 3D. But the animals are hilarious. We have a resident squirrel. He does things to get our attention as well. He had babies (guess he isn’t a he) last spring. We only saw them a few days. They would rol around and ply rough with each other. They are gone now be HE is still here. We think he actually chewed through the house and into the garage. Glad HIS babies didn’t stay around or we would have more holes in our house.
    The model is stunningly beautiful.

  2. Hi! Having some green/blueberry tea & blog reading here! 🙂 Great post! The squirrel was so cute.. I think they are territorial animals?? Your photoshoot turned out fabulous – love how you think outside of the box with creative ideas! 🙂

  3. This post made me smile. The tea cups look darling and the little critter {squirrel} made me laugh. and the kitty, and your model…that tree was a fantastic prop!!

    Hope you are enjoying our wonderful weather after all the rain and gloom!


  4. SOOO great to meet you yesterday Jennifer! My teen/tween daughters were uber impressed when I had a chance to meet John Stamos at a Beach Boys concert last week as they were raised on Full House reruns. So when I told them I actually met “one of my FAV bloggers” and got no reaction I said “You know, like when I met Uncle Jesse?!!!” THEN they got it. 🙂
    Your talent and energy is inspiring.
    Be well,

  5. Oh my goodness….I loved this post! So much to look at. I love magazines…sort of addicted to them, and this post reminded me of my favorites all wrapped up in one. : )

  6. Thanks for sharing the photo shoot with us! That was my favorite photo! Love the pics of the squirrel and yes, the model is gorgeous! Hugs, Cindy

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