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Nada Farm Sale Vintage Goods

Holy cow-ness….. It was crazy and cool and such an amazing time! We had perfect weather and I loved every minute. I set up my space to reflect my newly released Vintage Tea Collection. I was so excited to see everyone’s response to it and it was so good!
Cabinet doors painted as chalk boards

We knew the feature in Midwest Living Magazine might bring in some extra traffic, but we never imagined that close to 1,000 people would come through!
Lines of people at the Nada Farm Sale
There was a constant line out the door. And cars parking in the field.
Line of people to the Nada Farm Sale
The barn looked beautiful. Anne Marie did an amazing job with decorating and setting it up. I am glad I was able to get in early and set up my space with the tree branches and tea cups.
Burlap sacks hanging from a clothes line
 I was happy to be bale to add to the magic for people. It was even more fun when people wanted to buy cups right off of my display and I had to cut them down from their strings.
Jennifer Rizzo display space at the Nada Farm Sale
I was so excited to see the response and how much I sold! It was a great crowd.


People walking down the road to cars
 There were so many great vintage vendors there. It’s too much to put into one post, so I’ll share some here and then more in the next post.
BLue vintage cabinet with vintage cermicware
 All kinds of pretties. like these two lovely ladies.
Laura and Sheri
 Sherri and Laura were troopers working the front counter. They did an amazing job.
Vintage dishes in an old tool box

This was so darn cute with the way they displayed the vintage underthings on the hay bales.

Vintage farm show display

I had so much fun hanging with Anne Marie. She’s so creative.

Here are a few other vendor spaces that were amazing!
Vendor space with vintage goods


vendor displays

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  1. Jenn, everything is beautiful and the show looked like so much fun. I am curious as to if you are sending your blogs to Facebook also? Much love to you. Cherie

  2. Love the pics.It like being back home again.Looks like it was a great turn out there. The weather looks good. Beautiful !! Looking forward to seeing more pics too !! You have a beautiful day … Chickie

  3. It looks amazing, Jen! You girls are all so talented…I wish I had an ounce of that creativity!

    And 1000 people, that is so awesome! HolyCow-ness is right! You had PERFECT weather, too! So happy for all of you that it was a success!


  4. I am SO thrilled for Anne Marie and all of you gals that the sale was a success and that you had the opportunity to meet and work with so many amazing people! I thought for sure I would be able to come…I’m in Chicago, but hubby couldn’t make it home with enough time to drive there Friday night and Saturday was booked for us. What a shame. Maybe I will meet up with you at another event.

    Hope everything went well for you! The barn and your space looked awesome!


  5. Thank you so much for posting pictures already. I was not fortunate enough to make it to Illinois this year for the event and have been dying to see pictures. Everything looks beautiful and like everyone had an awesome time. Thanks so much Jen for posting pics.

  6. great pics Jenn…especially the one of you and Anne Marie…just gorgeous! thanks so much for checking up on me during the event since i was by my lonesome 😉
    i had so much fun selling at Na-Da! your booth and new line are were so pretty!

  7. Wow! How great! So sorry I missed it this time…last minute trip for Brent thru a wrench in my plans. Your space looks amazing and Anne Marie did a beautiful job as always from what I can see!

  8. Goodness sakes, I so wish I could come to one of your shows Jen, simpley gorgeous stuff!! I can’t wait for your new line up…I am sure there will be so much I want..eeek got to stop with the wants! ha!! miss you, love ya! T

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