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Cabinet Refacing Kitchen Remodel

If you aren’t quite ready to gut your kitchen or replace all of your cabinets, there are a few choices. Many of my clients are faced with the option of either cabinet refacing or painting cabinets. While both are perfectly good options, the choice really lies with the desired end result. They wanted to change the style of the cabinet doors, so refacing was the better option. If you are wondering the pros and cons of refacing or painting cabinets, read the linked post below. I’m excited to show you the dramatic difference in this cabinet refacing kitchen remodel!

Angle view before refacing and counterotp replacement

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I recently had a client I worked with that opted to reface her cabinets instead of paint and they really ended up looking amazing! We also picked out fun tile for a backsplash, and a coordinating quartz countertop. It really renewed her entire kitchen!

View of cabinets before refacing

As you  can see this kitchen was probably designed in the early 2000’s. It had the dark cherry cabinets, and tan-ish colored granite countertops, and there was no backsplash. The client called me in to help them pick a cabinet color for the new shaker style doors, narrow down a tile backsplash, and a new countertop. There mission was to make it feel more modern. They are definitely a more, modern couple than their house showed! While we were waiting for the refacing company to do their magic, we picked out a tile. FYI, can take just as much time as painting. Instead of painting the cabinet boxes, a matching  wood veneer is applied. They found a couple  of tiles they really loved so I did dome quick-on the spot mock-ups.

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Option 1

Tile mock up 2

Option 2

Tile mock up 1
Which would you choose?

If you chose option 2… that’s what we did too!  I love herringbone tile, but in this case, the second tile  which is an elongated hexagon tile really felt more like what they wanted and who they were.

Dark kitchen cabinet with oven and fridge before cabinet refacing

Now that you’ve seen the before, here is the after with the cabinet door and drawer refacing, and the new quartz countertop and tile backsplash.

Cabinets after refacing with new tile backsplash

It looks like a completely different kitchen!

Kitchen remodel on a budget after cabinet refacing and new countertops

The entire space is changed, and the cabinets look like they are brand new.

Kitchen corner with new tile and cabinet refacing

I absolutely love the backsplash tile! It really feels fresh. She added such a cute rug too, I love how well it coordinates with the tile! And while I love my brass, I also love how grounding the black facuet and handles are. I am actually starting to see that matte black more and more. Isn’t it a nice renovation?




  1. It looks great! So updated and modern and I love your backsplash choice. I’m curious, did you do the refacing or go with an external company? I’m local to Chicago and I’m considering making this change.

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