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Make some spooky stairs

Here is the project  showed you on our home tour yesterday!

The kids and I wanted to do a fun project for Halloween. I wanted to do something that would be easy for Oldest,Middle and Little to all do.

We decided on some spooky stairs!

fun halloween spooky stairs made with poster board and letter stickers

This was so easy too. I bought two packs of two different fonts of black stickers.

Use black sticker letters for lettering

We measured the stairs and cut the poster board so that they fit the height of each riser.

PLace you letters on a peice of posterboard

We decided on some spooky phrases that might apply going up into a haunted house or in their case, messy bedrooms.:)

Make fun spooky stairs

We found it was easiest to start with the middle letter of each phrase and work our way in both directions for proper spacing.

make stairs spooky with this fun lettering

We came up with about 8 different phrases and decided on the ones we had the most letters for.

make stairs spooky with this fun lettering

With a piece of clear tape on each side, we stuck them to the risers and viola! Spooky stairs!

fun halloween stairs

The kids love showing them off when people come over, I told them we should have them up year round for their rooms. Talk about danger zones.

I guess that’s why God made doors.

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