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Come As You Are…Building a Creative Business

It’s very easy, when you run a business, to get caught up in the daily grind. You put your head down, and just work, work, work.  I’ve been building a creative business for so long now (since 2007!), that sometimes, it’s very easy to forget why I started, and that magic of creativity goes into hiding. It helps me to be taken out of my normal environment to see things in a brand new way!

Come as you are The Ace Hotel Palm Springs Jennifer Rizzo

When Jeanne Oliver’s Creatively Made Business Workshop came up, I knew I needed to go for so many reasons. But, I have to admit, right beforehand, I was wondering if I should really go. I’m not the best traveler, and can get anxious about it. In fact, I had a lot of excuses not to go, and I could have found more. Timing seemed complicated, and there were a lot of loose ends to wrap up. And, even though there’s no reason to,  I always feel a little guilty leaving my family behind. In fact, this time while I was gone, the polar vortex swept into Illinois. I was supposed to fly home Tuesday, and they basically closed Chicago. I ended up not being able to get home until late Thursday night instead ( Which made me slightly anxious.). Even though there were worse places to be stranded, I still felt a little twinge when my hubby sent me photos of duct tape around the door to keep the cold out, and I was hanging out in 80 degree weather, by the pool, with swaying palm trees.

Jeanne Oliver Building a Creatively Made Business Palm Springs 2019

So, I booked my ticket, and I am so glad I went!

I loved that the first sign I saw at the hotel was “Come as you are”… That I didn’t need to show up prepared, I just needed to show up, just as I was.

I really wanted to walk out my word of the year this year, which is “Intention”.  This workshop not only put me smack in the middle of other women who were doing the same, but it helped me to focus on areas I need to work on, and expand my thought process in other places. Everyone was so open and giving, that it was so easy to talk to everyone. We spent the time sharing our stories, and parts of ourselves.

Another thing that helped me unpack mentally, was the 4.5 hour plane rides. I always make a point to bring a hoarder-ish amount of books, pens, and paper, that I lug through the airport, and skip buying the wifi on the plane. There are so few places to disconnect anymore from on-line, that it’s a great opportunity for real decompression. It forces me read and roam, and it also helps my brain quiet down a bit. I need that.

Creatively Made Business Jeanne Oliver

I met so many inspiring women, and made new friends. There were so many new dreams and ideas. It gave me inspiration for new directions, and ways to honor what I’ve already accomplished, and explore items that have been placed on my heart.

Jeanne Oliver and Jennifer Rizzo Creatively Made Business Palm Springs

The one thing I love about Jeanne’s workshops is her wisdom. She’s also done amazing things in her own business, and she’s so open and sharing to other women about how they can grow their own their own creative businesses. I’ve been so honored to call her my friend for over 9 years now, she’s such an inspiration to me, and is one of my favorite people. I came to the workshop empty, without expectations, and left full of intention and direction, all because I showed up.

Jeanne Oliver Building a Creatively Made Business

What I love even more, is that the word “Expectant” kept coming up. These women came as they were, expectant to grow in new ways. The best part is, many of the other women also said they had doubts about coming, and almost didn’t show up in the last minute, but were glad they came.

Jeanne is running another Creatively Made Business later this year, and I hope if you are looking for a boost to your creative business, that you’ll consider going.


I think that was the biggest lesson of all , even when it’s hard, even when you doubt yourself, just show up.