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How to make a cute embroidered winter felt mitten garland…

Hi Everyone! I’m Jennifer Zuri and I blog over at Town and Country Living. I’m so happy to be here at Jennifer Rizzo’s to share a very special project with you. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I used to make mini felt mittens while sitting at her farmhouse kitchen table. I haven’t made them since I grew up, but for some reason those little felt mittens came to mind again and I decided to make some.

Mini Felt Mittens used as a bannerAfter I made a few, I decided they’d make a cute banner.

My grandmother and I used these as bookmarks, which I’ll show you how to do!


How to make mini felt mittensChoose your felt and embroidery floss colors. Cut small mittens out of the felt.


DIY Mini Felt MittensEmbroider a flower onto one of the mittens, using a French knot for the center and a lazy daisy stitch for the petals. You can see how to make these stitches at the DMC website.


Embroidering mini felt mittensPlace the embroidered mitten on top of a plain mitten and stitch the edges together using a blanket stitch. Leave the bottom of the mittens unstitched.


DIY Mini Felt MittensFinally, add lace to the bottom of the mitten to create a cuff. You can either sew the lace on, or hot glue it onto the felt.


How to make mini felt mitten bookmarksInsert one prong of a girl’s hair clip into the mitten. To secure the clip to the felt, I added a small glob of hot glue onto the hair clip after tucking it inside. You can leave the mitten like this, or slide the exposed part of the clip into another mitten.


DIY Mini Felt Mitten BookmarkTurn the mitten over and use it to clip your spot in a book.


Mini Felt Mitten BannerOr you can clip your mini felt mittens onto cording or a stretch of ribbon.


DIY Mini Felt Mitten BannerI had such sweet memories of my grandmother while making these. I can’t believe I haven’t made any mini felt mittens for all these years. My grandma taught me how to embroider and we used to embroider pillow cases, too.


How to make a mini felt mitten bannerI was actually surprised that I remembered how to make these mini felt mittens.

It all came back to me once I got going though!


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  1. Thank you — I have also been thinking of these lately! Used to make them in a church group to sell at the Christmas bazaar (in the mid 60’s).

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