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Doily Paper Party Banner

Do you need a fun and simple banner for a party? Try making this Doily Paper Party Banner with items grabbed from the party supply aisle. When I was looking around the craft store, I found some really cute paper doilies in coral and white, some fun straws and some other bits and pieces like mini-clothes pins and some fun products with stickies already on the back to make this fun banner!

Paper crafting party supplies from the party aisle

To create the banner, first made some doily flowers by layering two sizes of doilies on each other and then adding a cute gold, sticky back pinwheel in the center. You can add anything to create the center like buttons, stickers or even faux flowers.

Diy paper crafting party banner made with doilies

It looks so cute with the contrasting colors! Once the glue holding the doilies together were dry, I used the cutest, teeniest clothes pins to clip them together. I love this idea because it means I can use many of these items over and over again.

Bouquets made from doilies with straws

I also decided to make cute bouquets by using some gold letters on the doilies stuck in straws to make table top centerpieces. I put them in milk bottle shaped glasses and stuck some sticky back flowers I found on them on the end of the straws.

Fun coral and white party with paper doilies and embellishments

I spelled out “yay”. Because who doesn’t want to say yay to a good party? It was also a great place to keep the extra straws on the ready.

Doily straw holder

I love all of the newer items coming out in party supplies like these silver polka dot straws, it went well with my polka dot tablecloth I bought a few years ago. There are so many options now for party supplies!

Make these cute doily tassels fun a fun party craft

These cute doily tassels are easy to DIY by cutting into the center of the doily all of the way around (but not cutting all of the way through) and folding the doilies into quarters. Then just clip with mini-clothes pins! So cute!

Doilies are a great supply to use for paper crafting party decor

I think it makes for a very cute party and very easy to throw together. I just stacked some cake plates for height. You can out all of your sweets on there and still have plenty of room on the table.

All doily party paper crafting dcor

I am a bit in love with this color scheme. There is something about gold, coral and white that looks so pretty and fresh. It was a fun challenge to try something different. I don’t do a ton of party settings, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe I need to do some more.I do have another birthday coming up. Maybe I need a paper crafting party. 🙂 I enjoyed putting this little party scene together, but then again anything with mini-bundt cakes is fabulous in my books.

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