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Moody Spring Mantelscape’s Styled 5 Different Ways

Even though spring is about light and bright, moody decor is trending with dark walls and deep colors. While dark walls can make a room look smaller, it can also make it look cozy and dramatic. I painted our living room walls black a few years ago and still love them. Adding color against them brings in a certain playfulness. I wanted to share  moody spring mantelscape’s styled 5 different ways with you to show you how much color can do for a dark wall. It was as easy as changing out different items to find a mantelscape we loved the most. Which one did you like the best?

Styling a moody spring mantel with dried flowers vintage stitched painting and wood vases

The first fireplace mantelscape has a dried flower theme. It shows framed dried pressed flowers in a bamboo frame, with more dried flowers in wood vases. and some colorful vases for lots of layering and color against a dark surface.

A mantel with swans and dried flowers, vintage swans and books with swan art for a moody spring mantelscape styled 5 different ways

The second mantelscape features a vintage swan print. It’s flanked on each side to keep the color, but the base has some sweet vintage ceramic swans, a natural-colored book stack and a handmade ceramic mushroom. This gives kind of a woodland type feel to the mantel.

Woodland Mantelscape with swans and mushrooms and plants

I love this third mantelscape with handmade ceramic mushrooms in front the swan print. Plants on each side since add a nice touch a green.

Mantel with a swan and a glass candle holder and plants

It’s amazing how swapping one things on this mantel changes the entire look. I swapped out the mushrooms and books on the mantel for a wood and glass candle-holder. This gives it a nice simplicity and kind of gives a greenhouse feel. Battery operated candles can also make this make have a nice glow at night.

Swan mantel with concrete sculptures and plants on a black wall in a moody spring mantelscape's styled 5 different ways

On the final mantelscape I removed the candle holder, and in keeping with the moody feel, I added these amazing concrete bowl sculptures. They are super organic and almost feel like egg shells. I hope you loved these moody spring mantelscape’s styled 5 different ways It’s always amazing to me how simple changes can change the entire look of something. That’s why its important to play with combinations of things to get a look you like!


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