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Outdoor party ideas for just the girls….

I think sometimes when we think about backyard parties, we think it has to be this big to-do with lots of decorations, catered food, and loud music. We often forget that sometimes, it is nice to take some of the same backyard outdoor party ideas and apply them to smaller get-togethers. They can be something that is not super-stressful and enjoyable on a smaller scale. I wanted to put together a little after-dinner soiree for myself and just a few friends where we could actually enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful weather. So I set up a nice little quiet gathering in a cozy area of my backyard.

A party for a few freinds in the backyard

I used the TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches with Citronella Torch Fuel for some ambient lighting and found that they helped to keep the mosquitoes away too!

backayrd party for just the girls

I bought some yummy foods to snack on while we talked.

a simple cheese board and mini bundt cakes make a nice party treat

I always like setting up a cheese and fruit board. It’s easy to eat, and by including both cheese and fruit with regular and gluten-free crackers, it fits into everyone’s diet. Plus, it’s so fast to put together, it really makes it almost stress-free. I used a Parrano cheese, a Dill Gouda and a goat cheese with strawberry jam. With a bit of sliced apple, it’s easy to replenish too.

cute places settings for a girl party

I wanted to make the place settings special with vintage plates and a fun drink.

pretty straws at a aprty

And a pretty straw. There’s something about drinking out of a glass bottle with a straw that reminds me of being a kid.

I wanted my guests to feel special and added a little party favor of a pincushion flower in a mini-bottle.

pin cushion flowers in mini bottles for party favors

And on a real cloth napkin. None of those paper things for this party!

I also thought putting succulents in vintage tart pans would be nice as mini-plate side centerpieces.

A succulent in a vintage tart pan makes a nice mini-decoration

I had to include a yummy dessert too! Mini-bundt cakes in different flavors with cream cheese frosting. Just enough for a few bites and no worries about having to cut a dessert!

Pick up and eat!

mini bundt cakes

The TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches made a nice ambient light, and the blown glass was pretty with the “glowing” battery operated light illuminated.

Pretty tiki torches the backayrd

It went so well in my yard and added a nice touch of color for a nice and relaxed evening with friends. They even look pretty during the day when they aren’t lit.


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  1. What a fun party table! Our backyard is always a little damp, so I am always searching for pretty ways to keep the mosquitos away. The Tiki torches would be perfect. I had no idea there were so many different looks to a Tiki torch!

  2. The blue tiki torches would be wonderful for the summer nights on my deck. Keeping the bugs away and providing additional mood lighting – sign me up!

  3. Wowza luv the blue glowing torches! They which would look perfect with our decor and provide extra light for
    outside activities and entertaining at night for family, friends, and the youth group at church. Thank you very much. Make everyday special – :-)!

  4. Ambience! I love to entertain and part of my favorite thing is to create a warm, welcoming environment through lighting. Tiki would do the trick. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I love to have back yard patio gatherings and so do my daughters! One day we had one together and we used our tiki torches to keep the Mom zone and Teen zone separate!! I would love a set of the new torches, how pretty!

  6. Right now my backyard is pretty blah, so these would definitely help! I’m currently looking for ways to turn my backyard into my perfect place for entertaining so these would be great!

  7. LOVE cobalt blue as anyone who has been to my cottage on the lake. Would make very good use of the torches. They seem to set the attitude for the party.

  8. I absolutely LOVE the blue tiki torches!!! Where we live the mosquitos are vicious…not only would the tikis deal with those nasty boogers, but they’d give the patio area a splash of class!An

  9. The Tiki torches are such a great way to help keep the bug issue down for backyard gatherings. I had no idea they had more than just the bamboo torches! These are beautiful and help with the decorating – adding “pretty” effortlessly.

  10. WOW tiki torches have come a long way!
    Do you remember the bamboo ones that were not the prettiest thing but worked?
    I am really loving the blue and black , what a pretty accent for any party!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Smiles, Dolly

  11. The TIKI Brand helps me create the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining by creating a fun, comfortable and classy place to celebrate life with family and friends.

  12. I like the flickery light they put off, making even a plain old BBQ seem special.

  13. The Tiki brand provides a sense of relief against mosquitoes when outdoors, compliments our outdoor decor and adds to the ambiance with their great styling. My children would also think they are incredibly cool!

  14. what a sweet and precious little arrangement! I wish I could come! The Tiki Brand torches are stunningly beautiful, and would help create the absolute best environment for outdoor entertaining by making the perfect amount of soft light to keep the party going, and by putting mosquito repelling fluid in the torch, we can actually stand to be outside to enjoy the festivities

  15. Tiki torches help set the mood and create a warmer feeling outdoor environment.

  16. The Tiki Torches are a beautiful change from the traditional type. I am very interested in the table top ones. They are perfect for a table top. Stunning look and functional also. I need to find some of those.

  17. This would create the perfect summer gathering because of the ambiance it would create as well as the ability to repel bugs.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  18. i love the way these tiki torches set the atmosphere for a party – they look lovely

  19. I’ve never seen the Tiki torches in blue before. I have some old tiki torches that I’ve had for some years now, but I love them when I sit outside in the evening. They help keep the mosquitoes, gnats and other bugs away. The Tiki torches in blue are really cool, blue my favorite color, I would love to win this. Thanks!

    I post on twitter: https://twitter.com/donnasquaw/status/483416769776738305

  20. Tiki will absolutely help by giving my patio a great amber on those special nights!

  21. These would make our “theater nights” so much more fun. A neighborhood get together with a movie shown using the side of the garage as a screen and pot luck food is a summer standard. Making it bug free would be a great bonus.

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