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DIY boho pumpkin topiary

This months #Michaelsmakers challenge was a pumpkin challenge!

To kick off fall in your own home, visit Michaels.com and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want!

Michaels makers pumpkin craft challege

There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift.

I wanted to do something kind of different that you don’t normally see,a boho pumpkin topiary.

I bought four different sizes of pumpkins, some spray paint and other craft paint to embellish the pumpkin with. I used gray,navy and gold and also used the natural cream of the pumpkins as a color.

supplies for a boho pumpkin topiary

After removing the tops and bottoms of the middle pumpkins, the bottom of the top pumpkin and just the top of the bottom pumpkin (confused yet?), they were ready to spray paint.

First though, I made sure I had enough of the top and bottoms removed so they snugly fit into each other when stacked (Don’t worry if your cuts arent perfect. Mine weren’t! after all, this is handmade goodness!).

I taped and then spray painted each pumpkin as they dried.

Make color blocked pumpkins with tapeMake sure the paint is completely dry before taping for the next color. I waited a few hours between each coat.

spray paint pumpkins

Once my paint was completely dry, I decided to use gold  craft paint to embellish and add patterns. If you want to just do simple color-clocked pumpkins, you don’t have to do the next step.

add embellishments with craft paint

 I used a glass paint  since the tube makes  a nice bead and it’s meat to hold up on glass, I figured it would wear better against the elements outside.

Paint deisgns with craft paint

I just made simple random patterns and followed paint lines.

embellish pumpkins with craft paint and gold

They don’t have to be complicated to have impact.

Use a drill to make light holes in a faux pumpkin

Then I decided I wanted to have light show through at night, so I carefully used a drill to make drill holes so when I put a battery operated candle inside, the pumpkin topiary would light up.

Use a battery operated candle in faux pumpkins

I hot glued the top three pumpkins together and left the bottom one free so I could put the battery-operated candle inside.

Make a boho pumpkin topiary

It’s perfect for a boho fall accent!

DIY boho pumpkin topiary

And something just  a bit different!

Boho inspired topiary

and I love the glimmer of gold with the navy paint.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels now has fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall decor, wall mounts and fun signs and

if you’re in need of more fall décor inspiration be sure to look at the 49 other DIY pumpkin projects from the rest of the Michaels Makers – they are pretty awesome!

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