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DIY Modern Wood Bead Fragrance Oil Diffuser

I’m a little obsessed with oil diffusers. I love candles, but I also love my house smelling good when I’m not at home, and diffusers are a great way to do that. I have several reed diffusers around my home, especially in the bathrooms, but I thought it might be nice to put a new twist on an old classic. I decided to make a DIY modern wood bead fragrance diffuser to put in our guest bathroom.

DIY modern wood bead fragrance oil diffuser

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The supplies you’ll need: Unfinished wood beads, moss,a glass or glass container,Safe for children and pet essential or fragrance oils, carrier oil (sweet almond), Sola Wood flowers, plastic sandwich bags  You can also shop supplies here.

Supplies for a DIY modern wood bead fragrance diffuser

You can see a DIY video of this project below, or continue to read:

I found the wood beads without holes were from the craft store wood products aisle. The cool-shaped glasses  to use as my diffuser container are actually from the Dollar store in the drink-ware section. I couldn’t believe it when I found them. I think they’ve had them so long, they went out of style, and now they are cool again. They have that 1960’s-1970’s feel to them. I already had my fragrance oil on hand to use…You can use any kind of safe fragrance oil or essential oil. Lavender and orange together or alone are two of my favorites, as are lemon and lavender. The biggest thing to remember is that whatever oil you use, or combination there of, is safe to be around children and pets. And, always keep the beads away from pets and small children, they could be a choking hazard.

How to make DIY wood fragrance aromatherapy beads

I started by making my beads in a plastic bag by using a pre-made fragrance oil. If you are making your own from-scratch fragrance oil with essential oils, mix them first and then put them in a re-closable plastic bag. Drip about 8-10 drops of oil onto the side of the bag, seal it up and mush the bag around until the beads are evenly coated.

Mix wood beads in oil to make aromatherapy beads

Adding a few drops of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil helps the oils move around a little more. Once my beads were covered, I let them sit in the bag overnight so the scent really infused into the wood.

Add moss to the bottom of the glass

When I was ready to make my diffuser, I added some dried craft moss into the base of my glass, and poured in the beads.

Add wood fragrance beads into glass jar to make an aromatherapy jar

I placed the Sola Wood flowers on top. I am a little in love with them, I think they are so pretty, and have such an organic feel, and were perfect for this project!

Place Sola wood flowers on top of your DIY wood bead diffuser jar

I added a few extra drops of the fragrance oil to the top of the Sola Wood flowers, and set it on my windowsill in our guest bath. It has a nice, light fragrance, and looks pretty too!

Add oils to top of sola wood flowers are wood beads to make a diffuser

Whenever you need a refresh, just add some more oils to the top. By using a glass container with a lid, you can also make the fragrance last a little bit longer too.

Moss and Sola Wood flowers to make a DIY wood bead diffuser

DIY wood bead fragrance oil diffuser

To make your own DIY wood bead fragrance diffuser, you can find supplies here in my Amazon store.

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Make a DIY modern wood bead fragrance oil diffuser