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The Best Way to Paint Furniture

Painting furniture is a great way to update something that  is worn and dated, and a great way to save money! It can completely transform a piece of furniture. From trial and error, I’ve learned there is a best way to paint furniture that not only makes it so you miss less spots when painting but gives better overall coverage, and reduces the amount of work in the long run.
Paint furniture after cerusing

This is one of those great tricks like how to white wash wood with paint or how to fill in those carved wood engraved surfaces.
It’s something that may be limited to the size of the piece, but for things like chairs, and small tables, it works every time.
Vintage table before painting

It’s a great way to get all of those little nooks and crannies you might otherwise miss!
Did you know I always, if possible, try to paint my furniture first upside down?
Paint a table upside down for best coverage the best way to paint furniture

 It helps to get all of those little spots you tend to miss when it’s right side up. There are a lot of things I’ve learned along the way. You can see this post about the 10 most common mistakes made when painting furniture.
Sanding off old finish of kitchen island
First sand, and then always do your primer coats this way first and then your paint top coat, like when I painted these vintage chairs. No matter what kind of paint you are using!…brush or spray paint.

Painting Tip:Paint chairs upside down when painting furniture to cover every inch #paintedfurniture

After a sanding use a good coat of primer unless you are using a paint and primer in one. Even with that it never hurts to put a primer coat down first, especially if you are going to be painting over a dark, vintage wood such as mahogany that tends to bleed orange under light paint.
dark wood dresser before

After covering it fully upside down, flip it over right-side-up. You’ll then see all of the areas you missed and this will ensure a much better coverage and less work in the end when painting your furniture piece.


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  1. Totally cool! Someone found a beautiful old iron or metal double bed in their attic and gave it to my mom, it isn’t like a brass bed, it has a full and solid head and foot board. Anyway, we painted it a deep plummy purple and I did very similar scrolly flowers and vines in gold paint, as you did with this table.

    Great job, I am an artist too and love doing this sort of stuff with old furniture!

  2. This is the perfect post and I am so inspired! I have almost the identical table in my garage just waiting for a total transformation.
    Thanks for ideas. So glad I found you this evening! I am in Illinois too. Haven’t been to Kane County for a while though….waiting for spring to warm up the barns a bit!

  3. Great tips! It never occured to me to turn things upside down to start painting.
    I grew up going to the Kane County Flea Market but have since moved across the country…your pictures made me miss it!

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