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Early Fall Kitchen Decor with Plants

Hi everyone! I am so excited again to be sharing some early fall kitchen decor with plants with my fellow bloggers! I know, a post two days in a row? What is this world coming too. I realize that my posting and newsletters have become less frequent. I am trying to pick it up again, now that we just celebrated our one year anniversary (birthday?) at the shop. It’s been a crazy year. Things are going well enough that there’s something to do every minute of the day. It’s hard to break away sometimes, but I know I need to keep trying. Being here with you guys is like coming home.

Jennifer Rizzo corner view of kitchen

Anthropolohie mug and plant in kitchen decor

Ok, enough mushy stuff! This early in fall, I do minimal decorating, but one thing I try to do is start bringing all of my plants inside before the weather really starts to turn. I like to bring in touches of orange, this year I am really into rust color, and am trying to find drapes that color for my living room.

Even though in the past, I like to put small pumpkins on my sill, it was still a little early, and the store doesn’t have them yet.

Pumpkins for a kitchen window sill decorating idea

It’s funny how much it has changed in a few years!

Green house plants as kitchen window decor

This year, I brought in Coleus (you can see how to propagate those here.), and am propagating my Pothos plant.


Starting plants on the window sill for over wintering in late fall

Plant vignette on wood countertop Jennifer Rizzo

I love adding vintage wood cutting  boards to my fall decor for some warmth.

kitchen island with basket underneath

Apples are always a good, edible, decor item too!

I added a basket under the kitchen island for all of our dishtowels and cloth napkins.

basket under kitchen island for storage

I love how handy they are!

Jennifer Rizzo white kitchen islanf kitchen decorating with plants

I’m going for a fairly neutral fall decor for a few weeks, but I am feeling some color creep in!  Come cooler weather, then I will bring in the pumpkins. Are you a neutral fall decor person, or do you love color?  I’ve really changed up our livingroom and can’t wait to share that with you. Make sure to visit the other bloggers joining in and showing their early fall decor!

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