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$100 Kitchen Island Idea- Repurposed Sewing Table

Using vintage furniture is a great way to add character to a room,especially in a kitchen. I am excited to share this $100 kitchen island idea with you from a repurposed sewing table and marble slab.

Jennifer Rizzo kitchen with early fall touches , and a repuposed desk into kitchen island


We had been using an old desk as our kitchen island for a few years, with a marble slab on top. While it worked, I always felt like it was a little large for our cozy kitchen.Of course, I wanted something new, but didn’t want to spend a lot.Here you can see the old island. The slab on top only covered part of it, and food would constantly get trapped underneath. At one time the top was painted, and I painted a faux marble top. That was great for a while, but then as time went on, the paint was chipping, and it just got kind of gross.    You can check out this post to see our kitchen remodel for about $12,000.

Antique sewing table repurposed into a kitchen Island Jennifer Rizzo
I wanted something that was 37 inches long, but only 20 inches wide so our marble slab would fit right on top. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so when I came across this vintage sewing table on Craiglist, I felt like I found a unicorn! It was the perfect size for what I had been looking for, and it was wood, which was even better! At $100, it was the perfect price point for a repurposed kitchen island! It did need just a little bit of love. I gave it a good clean up, and sanded off the old finish. If you have a similar piece and it has wood carving on it, see how to fill those in here.

Sanding off old finish of kitchen island

For a sealer, I gave it a few coats of white wax. I love sanding a piece of furniture, revealing the wood underneath, and waxing it to bring out the natural beauty.

Finishing sanded furniture with white wax Jennifer Rizzo

If you’ve ever wondered if you should finish a piece of furniture with paste wax or polyurethane, this post is for you. To give it height, and make it more mobile, I flipped it over, and and drilled holes in the bottom of the legs to add casters.

Using Gorilla Glue to put casters in place

You can find different sizes at Home Depot. This way it can be easily moved out of the way to clean the floor, or for parties if needed. After I added these, I realized I wanted locking wheels, so we ended up taking them off the old island and swapping them out.

Adding caster wheels to kitchen island

After that, I placed our marble slab on top, and my $100 kitchen island was ready to go!

Using a marble slab on an island Jennifer Rizzo

I love that the slab fits right on top, so that food will stay where it is supposed to.

$100 kitchen island idea from re-purposed antique table

I might even look into getting a slightly bigger remnant slab of marble. This one I scored on a resale site years ago. Though if we get a bigger slab, we will need to find away to secure it.

Marble top kitchen island Jennifer Rizzo

I love how much it opens up the kitchen, and even thought it’s slightly smaller, we didn’t lose that much prep space. Not too bad for a $100 kitchen island!


  1. What a great repurpose, Jen!!! Love it! Plus the underneath is soooo pretty with the curved stretchers ~ you can even set some lightweight baskets there or maybe even a light piece of wood for extra storage. Great score!!! Pinning! <3 Plus I love the French inspired piece of furniture you have on the right-hand wall… Will have to look through your posts and find it! <3

    Have a great rest of your week,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you so much! That piece was my grandmother’s buffet. We love being able to use it every day!

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