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Faux Wood Love Letter Valentine’s Day Craft

If you’d like to make a fun and easy craft, I have one for you! This faux wood love letter Valentine’s Day craft is easy to make and uses a little bit of supplies we need to create something sweet you can add to your Valentine’s Day decor using wood, paint and felt. This would also be an easy craft for kids to do as well, and many of the supplies can be found at the craft store or even the dollar store. This project would also be so darn cute to make on a giant canvas as well.

Make a large wood faux letter for Valentine's Day


Wood rectangle or wood canvas board

Paint brushes

White craft paint

Black marker

White craft glue or hot glue


Red felt and pink felt


Paint the board with white paint with a brush

To begin creating your DIY wood envelope,  paint the outside of your wood rectangle with white craft paint painting the front and the sides. Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat.

Use a ruler to draw a line at an angle with a marker

Once the white craft paint is completely dry, use a ruler to draw two lines on an angle to meet in the middle. This will create the envelope “flap”.

f heart shape with a pencil

To create your heart and key hole, you can use the template below to trace your items. I found that by tracing one half of the heart and keyhole and doubling the felt and cutting it out, both sides will be more symmetrical with each other. If you don’t want to add the heart and keyhole, you could lso add cute embellishments like wood hearts, or paint wood letters that say love or even add faux flowers as an embellishment.

Cut felt with scissors

Out of the pink felt, cut a heart shape. Apply white glue to the back and apply to where the two lines meet of the faux envelope flap.

Glue felt to the front of the envelope

After you place your felt items and let them dry, you can flip them over and add a saw tooth hanger to the back to make it a wall or front door decor item. You can also add twine to the back of your faux wood love letter to make it more of a hanging decor item as well.

Saw tooth fastener on the back of a picture

This would also make a cute Valentine’s Day gift for some one, and it would be a cute set to do the front of the envelope as well.

faux wood love letter Valentine's Day Craft

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Heart and keyhole template
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