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DIY Bunny and Egg Line Art Wood Canvas Decor Project

Are you ready to start creating some really cute Easter projects? Make a super cute DIY bunny and egg line art wood canvas decor project painted on wood cradled board. It’s so cute and you can bring out your inner artist and create some pretty spring and Easter decor. I kept mine neutral with white and gold paint, but you can fill in the lines as add lots of color. You can create these as a set, or one at a time. Grab the template at the end of the post to make your own, and you can make larger sizes by sending this to your printer and asking them to enlarge it. There’s also a video with this post if you can watch the entire process.

Bunny and egg line art

To make this cute spring and Easter project, you need a few supplies: Wood panels canvases (also known as wood cradleboard), white puffy paint, white craft paint, brushes, gold craft, and cotton swabs.

Draw a bunny outline with a pencil

To begin making this project, you’ll need to trace the template or freehand draw a bunny onto your wood cradleboard. If you aren’t sure how to transfer the template (image provided below), simply see this post here about transferring images. I used two different sizes of wood canvases an 8 x 10 and a 5 x 7 just to give a little bit of an interesting size difference between the bunny and the egg canvases.

Outline pencil drawing with puffy paint to make a DIY bunny and egg line art wood canvas decor project

. Once you have your image, completely sketched out, you can then go over the line with your puffy paint. The nice thing about this is it comes with a very fine tip so it makes a very clean and concise line. Let that puff paint dry completely. This will take anywhere from three to hours to dry overnight.

Paint entire surface with white paint

Once your puff paint is completely dry, you’ll want to apply one to three coats of white craft paint overt the top of the entire canvas and image. Depending on how opaque you want your paint to be. Let it dry between each coat. Paint the edges at this time or if leaving them natural wood, tape the edges off before painting.

Use gold paint to highlight puffy paint

Once your white base coat of paint is completely dry, use cotton swab and a small amount of gold craft paint to carefully trace over the puff paint lines. This will give your line art a slightly raised look and texture. You can use any color you want but I went with gold for a more neutral look.

DIY bunny and egg line art wood canvas decor project with wood eggs in a paper mache bowl

Once it’s dry, style your super cute bunny and egg line art! I painted some wood eggs with craft paint and put them in a fun paper mache bowl (see how to make that here.)!

Bunny and egg outline template
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