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Painted Eggs for Easter Decorated with Paint Dots

Paint dots are a fun and easy way to decorated Easter eggs. Using acrylic paint, craft brushes and stickers painting wood eggs is an Easter decoration that can be kept from year to year. This is a fun and easy DIY for the kids too. Using wood eggs means you can paint them custom colors to match your decor and you can substitute our suggested dotting tools for cotton swabs to make it an easy one of those fun Easter crafts for them. We painted our eggs in solid colors and used white craft paint to give our Painted Eggs for Easter Decorated with Paint Dotson a more sophisticated look, but this can also be done with lots of colors to created fun designs and lots of different colors.

Paint dotted eggs

To make paint dotted eggs you’ll need:

Wood or faux bois eggs

White acrylic craft paint

A pencil with a sharpened tip

Round stickers

Small, fine brush with rounded handle

Different size paintbrushes

Acrylamide craft paint in choice of color ( or tempera paint)

A soft flat brush

Base coat a layer of paint to the wood eggs with hands painting an egg with a paint brush and paint

Apply a base coat to your wood eggs

Choose a color scheme and apply a base color to your eggs and paint the entire surface. Let dry. After painting eggs different colors, It’s helpful to use a paint palette or something similar to let your eggs dry in. The eggs may need to be turned over and a second coat added. For brown eggs or dark colored eggs, white paint is most easily seen. If you use painted white eggs consider using bright paint colors like yellow or pink.

Let the base coat of paint dry on the wood eggs

Add your dot pattern to make Painted Eggs for Easter Decorated with Paint Dots

There are lots of ways to create patterns on an egg with dotting. From creating straight lines to angles and circle. To make an easy circle, once the paint is completely dry apply a sticker in the center of the egg. Use the back round end of the paintbrush handle to dip lightly in the white craft paint and then press onto the surface of the egg lifting to create small, white dots. Repeat to create a new row of dots moving around the sticker. To see how to make colorful potted dots, see this post.

Add dots to egg in a circle around a sticker to make Painted Eggs for Easter Decorated with Paint Dots

Once the paint is dry, remove the sticker and replace with a smaller sticker. Use a smaller dotting tool like the end of a sharpened pencil to create smaller dots. You can also use bamboo skewers too. One of the tricks is to use white paint pen to create the small white dots if you don’t want to vary the size of the dots at all. Also, for a raised design use puffy paint and even add a little glitter for a Happy Easter sparkle.

Use a smaller pencil head to create dots

Play with creating all kinds of patterns. Stencils can also be laid over the top and the dots placed inside the shape to create a unique design.

Use paint and a pencil to create dots

Seal your wood eggs to last from year to year with a layer of clear acrylic spray paint or brush on varnish. Display your eggs in an Easter basket, a bowl or in a cute egg cartons surrounded by some Easter grass. We used kraft paper shred for a more organic look.

Painted wood eggs with white paint dots
Paint dotted eggs

Enjoy decorating your Painted Eggs for Easter Decorated with Paint Dots!

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  1. These look so fun! I love that you can make them really artsy or really geometric. It would be cool to do this with paint splatters too.

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