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Flowers for Saturday

I sear I haven’t gone missing and have not stopped blogging. I know quite a few of you have emailed me asking if everything is ok. Everything is great! I was out of town,we have had family in from out of the country and the summer is just flying by! Plus, My girls are growing up so fast, we’ve been trying to enjoy it and been out doing fun things and hanging at the pool. With my herniated discs, I couldn’t so any of that last summer and I am making up for it. I’ve spent every day digging in the garden too. I promise a regular blogging schedule once summer is over in a few weeks! It’s so sad that they go back to school so soon!

I was going back through my picture file and I came across a ton of flower pictures. I love gardening and I just love that I am finally able to start cutting blooms from my yard. I think fresh flowers and plants in the house make it free so much more vibrant and alive.

Here are a few of my favorites for you too enjoy too.

pin cushion flowers in mini bottles for party favors

Pretty gols sidetable with yellow flowers



cow creamer with flowers as a vase, so cute!

Flowers add a nice touch for the holidays

simple display with flowers

Pretty bowl full of peonies


Peonies in blown glass case

Roses can be easily propagated


Happy Saturday!!

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