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Easy Bundt Pan Repurposed Bird Feeder

Today we have Kelly Elko guest posting about how to make an Easy Bundt Pan Repurposed Bird Feeder. It’s so darn cute, I know you are going to love it! Welcome Kelly!
Hi – I’m Kelly from Eclectically Vintage and I’m thrilled to be here today. There’s nothing I like more than sitting outside on my vintage glider on a gorgeous day and enjoying a little bird watching at my easy bundt pan repurposed bird feeder and hanging bird seed ornaments.
Vintage outdoor seating with glvanized bucket planter and end table

I love seeing cardinals and robins flock to my yard and have a few ideas to get them coming back. My bundt pan bird feeder turns a thrift shop find into garden art.

Bundt pan bird feeder and blooming tree outside

The bundt pan bird feeder is so easy to make, and is a great way to reuse an old pan that is no longer in great shape for baking with anymore. You can also make a pretty bird feeder out of a vintage sugar bowl.
Easy bundt pan bird feeder
Have you ever made bird seed ornaments? This is the easiest recipe for birdseed ornaments and they look so cute strung from a tree.
Cookie cutter bird seed feeder
My girls love sticking their hands into the gooey mixture and the bird’s love eating them! They make great Christmas ornaments for the neighbors too!
Cookie cutter birdseed for the brids

I’m a big fan of taking curbside castoffs and turning them into something fun like my stepladder birdbath.  It was so inexpensive to make and the birdie’s love taking a dip!

Easy DIY birdfeeder on a vintage ladder with a terra cotta dish

And I really love stamping vintage silverware and servingware.
Stamped vintage spreaders for a garden marker
Here’s to the long, lazy days of summer, ice cold lemonade, margaritas, bbqs and the birds. Meet me on my patio at Eclectically Vintage and I’ll save you a seat on my glider while we watch the bird together!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I WANT your glider, lol!! I would love to find one especially in that color, but they are in the $250-$500 range here. Hoping to stumble on one in a junk shop.

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