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Making a Home Made Bird Feeder from Vintage China

Have a chip in a vintage cup or china sugar bowl  or old dishes that you can no longer use but hate to get rid of?  Try creating a home made bird feeder from vintage china. I came across this sweet, little sugar bowl for $2 at a yard sale and I loved the pattern on the front, but it didn’t have a lid and I wasn’t going to use it for an actual sugar bowl. It’s a sweet way to feed your feathered friends.
Using a vintage sugar bowl as a home made bird feeder

Vintage China can have new life as a DIY bird feeder

 Vintage tea cups and sugar bowls are the perfect thing to make into a bird feeder. By using a strong piece of twine or ribbon through the handle, tying a loop, and hanging it on a branch it makes a fun bird feeder. This one had a great shape with a lip that turned in a little that held the bird seed really well. And old teacup from the thrift shop can also be made into a teacup bird feeder. DIY Bird feeders are a great way to bring more nature to your backyard.
Two handled  sugar bowl makes a sweet bird feeder

Make your own teacup bird feeders

This is the simple version, but another version could be made with a tea cup and saucer.This is a fun and pretty way to use your thrift store finds or clean your cabinet.
-Take a vintage tea cup and saucer (you can match cups to saucers or mismatch them!)
-Glue the bottom of the tea cup to the saucer using a permanent glue like E-6000
-Make sure the glue cures completely before using
-Place outside on a table or add a copper pipe with a flange at the top of the pipe and glue to the bottom
-Add you bird seed suet or peanut butter and bird seed mixture to the cup and wait for the birds!
This would also make a cute gift for your favorite bird watcher. With the right kind of birdseed you can attract all kinds of birds like chickadees and cardinals. Just wrap the bird seed in some tulle and place it in your homemade bird feeder. Add a ribbon and gift tag and it’s good to go. With pretty vintage china it almost makes it like garden art. Make sure to stick to regular china or ceramics and not glass.
Home Made Bird Feeder from Vintage China vintage sugar bowl
And enjoy making your vintage dishes bird feeder!

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