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It’s Easy to Add New Knobs and Handles to a Bathroom Vanity

If you’re looking to give your old bathroom cabinet a small facelift, beginning with cosmetic items is a good place to start. You might wonder where to start and how to swap our bathroom vanity knobs and if it’s difficult. It’s easy to add new knobs and handles to a bathroom vanity for a brand new look for even a novice homeowner! While you can also paint your wood cabinets, swapping out the hardware is the easiest and most efficient way to do give your bathroom a  brand new look especially on a budget!
Glass knobs and cabinet makeover

Are you wondering how to know what size knobs to buy for your bathroom vanity?  Or what if they are single knobs or pulls over a handle? Those questions are answered below!

New blue bathroom knobs on a white vanity

If you want to replace new single knobs  on a bathroom vanity, that part is easy!

You can just purchase knobs that area threaded with a screw and nut on the back. Single knobs  can range in price from a few dollars each up. Because they are such a small part of your bathroom, you can also feel a little braver  about either spending a little more, or playing with style. Cabinet knobs can come one of two ways. They can either have a  screw that screws into the back of the knob (these you want to make sure either tighten up enough to hold tight to the cabinet or come with two screw options to ensure the proper fit.). Or they will have a  threaded screw as a part of the knob that has a nut that threads onto the end to hold the knob in place. Make sure the threaded back is longer than your cabinet thickness so there is room to put the washer and screw on the back and secure the knob. If it is much longer, you may want to ask your local home improvement store if they can cut it down so it doesn’t scratch a hand when reaching in the cabinet. If not, they do make rubber covers you can also place on the back of the threaded part to make it safer.
New transparent acrylic cabinet knobs on a white cabinet
This makes for an easy swap out and a brand new look to your bathroom cabinet!
Measuring knobs for the back of a bathroom cabinet

If your bathroom vanity has handles or pulls instead and you want to change them out, you will instead need to measure  the length between from screw holes in the door or drawer from center to center and order that size of handle.

Then it’s just a matter of unscrewing the old ones and installing the new cabinet pulls! It’s easy to add new knobs and handles to a bathroom vanity and make it look fresh and more updated! I have changed out my knobs on my furniture and cabinets quite a few times. You can see in this kitchen post when I changed my kitchen cabinets from  oil rubbed bronze to soft brass. It took me less than an hour to change them out, and I loved the change and the instant facelift they gave my cabinets!
Natural stone drawer pull on a green cabinet
You can also use these tips to change out your dresser handles or pulls, or even your kitchen cabinet handles. It’s a great way to make all of your cabinets look new. If you read this post about graywashing a cabinet and changing the knobs, you can even find out a few tips to relocate your drawer pulls if you don’t like their position on your furniture piece.
White kitchen island and white cabinets

And to answer a question about mixing metals such as a stainless kitchen faucet and brass kitchen cabinet pulls,  or even stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls…that is totally ok to do! Mix your metals! In fact, it adds interest to your room.


White kitchen with brass cabinet knobs and w wood island with lilacs in a vase and a red patterend rug





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