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Glittery, snowball wood slice ornaments

Can you believe there are only 7 Friday’s until Christmas? It’s like poor Thanksgiving has become the  middle child between the candy and fun of Halloween, and the glitz and gifts of Christmas.

On that note, here’s a fun Christmas ornament project for Kelly’s count down to Christmas!


I am going with a natural theme on my upstairs tree this year and I wanted to add a bit of glitz and I thought some glittery, snowball, wood slice ornaments would be the perfect bit of sparkle!

Glittery wood slice ornaments button

If you’re not familiar with mica glitter, it’s a much different glitter than you find in the craft stores.

Wood slices and mica glitter to make snowball wood slices

You can actually find it here if you’d like to try some. It has a very pretty,natural organic sparkle.  Here is also a good resource for Wood Slice tags too.

Wood slices for snowballs

I made my own by hot gluing the twine on the slices, but if you buy these, you can cut out the middle step. After your hangers are glued on, you can go to the next step of using a paint brush to paint the adhesive on.

Use mod podge glitter to add sparkle to wood slices

You can use white craft glue, but I chose to use Sparkly Mod Podge to give it a bit more sparkle under the mica glitter.

Ue mica glitter to add sparkle

After you’ve completely coated the wood slice all the way around,dip your slice in the glitter and completely cover every glue covered surface and let dry.

DIY snowball wood slice ornaments

I just laid mine out on a board to dry.

Mica glitter on birch bark slices

I love the bit of multicolored sparkle under the heavier snow-like flakes.

Stacked birch bark slices with mica glitter for snow ball ornaments

After they dry they are all set to hang!

DIY woodslice snowball ornaments

I think these will be so pretty all over a tree.

Easy DIY wood slice ornaments with mica glitterThey catch the light and look like frozen snow flakes.  That’s what I like about it. They have that chunky, icy look,perfect for holiday projects!

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