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Cover a Chair with a Flokati Rug

This is the post where you turn to your best friend and either say “Holy cow! That’s really fun and cool!” or you go “Holy cow. Rizzo has lost it!”Let me explain. We’ve had this vintage chair for quite a few years. It’s really taken a beating. Every month or so I think “I really have to recover it. it looks awful.” And then I sigh and toss a blanket on it. Then I came across a Flokati rug or Faux Sheepskin Rug at Homegoods and the wheels began turning. I knew it could either miserably fail or it could actually work out okay and be kind of  fun. So I decided to try to cover a chair with a flokati rug.

vintage chair update

I started off cutting the faux sheepskin rug in an organic shape that would drape over the seat and back. First I painted the old, damaged wood with dark grey chalk paint, and then lifted the paint a little for a slightly distressed look.

flokati rug

This was not super encouraging at first, I had Flokati rug fuzz on my clothes and a bit in my mouth.  Once I tackled everything with the vacuum, and started draping, I pinned it in place with large safety pins and it really grew on me! It’s really soft and has a fun boho style.

flokati rug chair cover and chalk paint arm

I cut square pieces and pinned them on for the arms.

flokati rug chair cover DIY

I went for a bit of an asymmetrical line at the bottom of the chair for interest.

easy to make DIY flokati rug chair cover

I really love it! Once I vacuumed it a few times, the shedding was reduced to  a minimum. Though I would probably keep it away from any heat or flame, as the faux sheepskins are mostly acrylic fibers.

DIY flokati rug chair cover

I love the contrast with the newly painted wood an the contrast with the white fuzziness. It’s almost like covering a couch with sherpa fabric which is also really soft and cozy.

fun and easy cair cover made with a flokati rug

I think it’s a bit of fun and a nice texture! So have I lost it? 🙂

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    1. Hi Lucinda,
      It’s supposed to be this week, you can still order if you click through my sidebar link and they will ship it the minute they get it.

  1. Well, I hope not,because that would mean I have lost it too! I bought a few of these rugs from Ikea a while back and cut them up to cover a chair as well. However, the project didn’t go as planned (grrr) so I put it aside for a while…….now I think I have another idea for it, we’ll have to see. I like it!
    Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

  2. Nope, you haven’t lost it. It looks great. Best thing is if you tire of it it can easily be removed. I have lots of those days too where I look around the house thinking, what if I did this? Just have fun with. Looks comfy too.

  3. It looks gorgeous. Your chair is wearing her mink!! I just moved in August from Carpentersville, IL used to live near you hope weather is not getting to cold, I am now living in Texas where it is in 70’s today. I love your blog and bought your christmas stencils love love them!!! And I am glad your book is back in stock I will be ordering it tonight. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas


  4. Love this look!. I have a similar blanket that I bought at Walmart a few years back and I use it to wrap the Christmas tree stand. It gives the appearance of snow. I love the snow look for our Christmas tree. This year I added a pair of snow foxes and snuggled them together in the “snow”.

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