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Holiday House walk 2015 link party… Be on next year’s tour!!!

It’s here! The annual Holiday House walk 2015 link party.. and a chance to be on next years house walk!

And this year there are two chances to be on it! Both on your blog an with Instagram as an Instagram house,and you can enter both as well!

Just link your holiday home fully decked out this week to this link party. One or more of the houses will be selected by this years house walk participants!

Be on next years holiday house walk! Join the Holiday house walk 2015 link party!

Here are the rules:

To enter as a main house walk house

You must have a blog and a tour of your home decorated for the holidays. The link party button must be at the top of your post and you need to link back to this  specific post. Otherwise linky tools will not let your post work.

Show us your decor an everything you love about your holiday home! We want to see your holiday style!

You link must go directly to your blog post and not to your general blog. Anyone not fulfilling all of the rules will not be considered.

to enter On Instagram as an IG only house

Make sure you have all of the above rules completed with the button, then on Instagram, make sure to change your Instagram  URL to your blog post so people can click right through to see your home tour.

Make sure to tag me in your IG post so we can see your home, and let everyone know you are submitting your home for a chance on next year’s house walk.

Use the hashtag #holidayhousewalk2016  so we can easily find your post!

That’s it! Winner’s will be announced in January.

I am so excited to see your homes, and I know that reader’s are excited to get a chance to see your homes as well!! This is one of my favorite parts! So go ahead and link up below!!

And for more holiday inspiration make sure you check out my holiday Craft and decorating book!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    It is my first time participating in something of this scope. Thank you so much for hosting this and allowing us all a shot to be involved in something amazing.
    Much Love,
    Erica- Designing Vibes

  2. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for hosting your Holiday House walk party! For some unknown reason, I am having trouble linking my Christmas home tour up this year. I have 2 link backs to your site on my post (one in the house walk picture and one in the text) and I have no idea what I am doing wrong:). I would really love to link up my house to your link party:). Here is my link http://lehmanlane.net/christmas-home-tour-2015/
    Thanks so much and have a wonderful week, Tara

      1. I am sure you are are very busy so thanks so much for getting back to me Jen! I do have a backlink to this post but I must be doing something else wrong:). Thanks again! Tara

        1. HI Tara,
          I can try to add it on the back end but there are a few blogs that are having issues with their hosting.

  3. thank you so much for hosting- i look forward to your tours and this party all year! i go through all the links of the party- seeing people’s homes is always fun, but seeing them at christmas is downright magical! cheers!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting, Jennifer. I look forward to this house walk each year. It’s such a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Hope your day was merry and bright 🙂 CoCo

  5. Hello! I was so excited to share my post with you but I am getting an error message that I can’t link up 🙁

    “The owner of this Linky list is requiring a BACK LINK in your blog post (a link directly to their post). However, your blog or hosting is not allowing the external retrieval of your page HTML code. Linky Tools is trying to check your HTML code at the link you’ve entered, and your blog is saying READ-ONLY access to your HTML code is FORBIDDEN (which is unusual and rare; almost all blogs and hosting allow this, it is not a security risk). It may be a setting on your blog, or something your web hosting has configured. Alternatively, you might send your link, image and title to the Linky list owner and request they enter your link using the PREVIEW link for this list on their dashboard. ”

    Is there a way to send it to you directly?

  6. Hi Jennifer! First, thank you so much for hosting the holiday link party! I think an issue occurred when I was linking up our tour at The Refeathered Roost. I’m somewhat a novice at this…could you give me info on the best way to correct our picture link. I’m not having success trying to correct this. Thanks so much!

  7. He Jennifer, I’m sorry I tried to link up again but the linky says I am already linked and can’t enter again. I am number 33, The Refeathered Roost. I will leave the link up on my post. Hopefully it can be remedied. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Jennifer – thanks so much for the opportunity and hosting such a beautiful tour of inspirational homes! I look forward to them all!

    I just entered and linked back to this specific post but it looks like I may have cropped my picture incorrectly and now it will not show. I tried to see if I could do it over but it would not let me. If you have a chance to let me know what I can do to help fix it, I would be happy to change it. Again, thank you!

  9. Me again. 😉 Just linked up my dining room, and the kitchen/family room are on tap for tomorrow. I hope it’s okay to link up in parts, as I’m posting them. Have an awesome day!!

  10. Hi Jennifer! Trying to get the backlink to work but it isn’t for some reason. Any idea what could be wrong? This is a fantastic link-up party and I wanted to be a part of it 🙂 ! Thanks for doing this!


  11. Thank you so much Jennifer for hosting this great Holiday link party.. I love all the beautiful inspiration.


  12. I took a leap of faith and joined your Holiday Housewalk, Jennifer. Thank you for offering an opportunity for us to all dream and to put our dreams into action and reality. I have a Part 1 and a Part 2. If you want only one, feel free to delete which ever you want. I’ve also been having issues with my hosting server for the past 48 hours. Wouldn’t you know it, such timing…NOT! I’ve been assured they’re working on it and sometimes I can get right on and other times I have to wait a couple of minutes. I hope this won’t be too discouraging for everyone, especially you. I’ve taken the brunt of the discouragements I think for everyone the past couple of days.

  13. Your House Walk tour is my favorite of all Christmas home tours! Thanks so much for opening up this link party for us all to share our holiday homes! I think all entrants have their fingers crossed to be the lucky one chosen to be in next year’s tour! Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

  14. Eeeek! It seems I always discover things too late! I just added my tag on my IG post (from several weeks back). I know I am probably too late, but figured I would tag it anyway. Just love, love taking a peek at all of the home tours! — Amy

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