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How to paint a snowflake

What an awesome week of beautiful homes and decorating!For a while I was feeling a little “over” Christmas since in blogland we start in November, but now I am back in the holiday spirit and ready to enjoy all of the fun things that come with the holiday season! I wanted to share with you how to paint a snowflake as a quick and easy painting/drawing project, because this is something that you could use to embellish a card, gift tag,or ornament, or make some fun, holiday decor out of! It’s so easy that once you start doing them, you’ll add them to everything. 🙂 I love a  good winter craft project!

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How to paint a snowflake no art skills required

I am using paint, but you could use what ever you want, even a crayon. And it’s easy! It’s all about making lines and letters. X’s and V’s!

You can also do them in any color you want, but I made mine in blue so they were easy to see.

start to draw a snowflake by making an x

Start by making an X in the size of the snowflake you would like.

After te x make a plus sign to draw a snowflake

Over that make a plus sign, slightly larger a longer than the X lines.

At teh top and the bottom of the lines add a v to make snow flake lines

At the top and bottom line, add a V. One upside down and the other right side up.

add V's to the opposite sides

Then on the two far ends, do the same thing.

Then add v's to the small straight lines to in how to draw a snowflake

Then, add wide V’s to the shorter X lines.

After you’ve done that, go around the snowflake and repeat the process lightly lower on the lines.

How to paint a snowflake with just lines and v's

And that’s it! That’s your snowflake! Isn’t that super easy? It ends up really pretty too, and you can do them in any size you like.

Have fun painting and making a winter wonderland! In fact if you want to add to it, I have a tutorial here on how to paint a winter scene.

You can add trees and a deer to your snowflakes!

how to paint a winter scene no art skills required! Great for painting parties!

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