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How to stencil Spring napkins…..

Hey Everyone! It’s Jennifer Zuri from Town and Country Living with another easy home project for you! Today I have a tutorial on how to stencil spring napkins to give your table a pretty, custom look without a lot of work and headache. A wide variety of stencils are out there for the choosing, so there’s really no limit on what you can do for your next gathering of family or friends.

Stenciled Linen NapkinsI’m sharing 2 different stenciled napkin designs. You’ll have to let me know which is your favorite!


White Dinner NapkinsI started with plain white napkins from Hobby Lobby.

They come in packs of 4 for $7.99. Before you start stenciling, wash the napkins.


How to stencil dinner napkinsFind a stencil design that you like. I’m going to use both of these border patterns.

Tape the stencil in place close to the border of your napkin. The tape keeps the stencil from slipping.


Stenciled dinner napkinsBe sure to use fabric paint for this project since you’ll be washing the napkins over and over. You can use foam or bristle brushes. Use a light amount of paint and hold your stencil firmly in place. I usually use a stabbing motion to minimize any paint seeping underneath the stencil. Carefully peel the stencil away from the napkin and let the paint dry thoroughly before using the napkins.


How to stencil dinner napkinsYou can then fold your napkins however you wish.

I folded this one so both edges of the border would show, creating a pocket for the silverware.


Stenciled dinner napkins for a spring settingMost of my dinner napkins are a solid color. I can never find the right patterns.

Stenciling napkins lets me create the pattern I want in the color scheme I need.


Spring Table with Stenciled NapkinsA lace bow adds a bit more femininity to each place setting.

And now for the second pattern …


Stenciled napkins with sunny mumsA simple floral border with blue flowers and orange centers.

I love to use yellow with blue and happened to have sunny mums on hand.


Spring table setting with stenciled napkinsI’m really craving the color yellow right now.

Maybe because I need warmth and sunshine this colder-than-normal March.


Simple Spring Table SettingIt may not look like spring outside just yet, but at least my dining room is cheery!

Note: Be sure to wait 72 hours after stenciling before washing your napkins.


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