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How to Make Hanging Paper Cone Vases for Flowers

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a really easy craft with you for the Spring. It’s so easy to make a hanging paper cone vase for flowers or Mother’s day or just because it’s pretty! They are such an easy way to dress up a bouquet of flowers. You can use scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper. When I was a kid we would call these “Mayday flowers “. We would create a hand-picked bouquet(mostly from dandelions and Queen Anne’s Lace) and then leave it on someone’s door and ring the doorbell. It was kind of like ding-dong ditch with flowers now that I look back at it. These paper cone cups can also be used for non-flower items such as treat cones, favors at a wedding reception or  use with food safe paper, some old school popcorn cones.

How to make a paper cone for flowers or treats

They are traditionally called Tussie-Mussies in Victorian times, but I think they are perfectly modern in today’s day and age with pretty scrapbook paper! If you love paper crafts, check out how to make and decorate these pretty paper party lanterns!

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To create your paper cone, start by taking a triangle and rolling it with the point part up. It’s east to create a triangle with a square piece of scrapbook paper, you can just cut it down the middle on a diagonal ( use a pencil and a ruler if you’re worried about a straight cut first!).  If you want to double it up, you can fold the square in half and create a diamond shape. The size of your triangle will determine how big your finished paper cone cup  will be. We used a 12 x 12 piece of paper for ours cut on a diagonal. These are some pretty scrapbook paper options. To make a mixed et, use different colors of scrap book paper to make it even more interesting. If you don’ have scrap book paper, use colorful markers to make designs on plain paper.

How to make a paper cone for flowers for Mother's Day

Punch holes where they meet and hot glue or staple together, and thread ribbon through to hang, tying a knot at the top. If you don’t have ribbon you can also glue a strip of paper, but it won’t be as sturdy if you want to hang your paper cone full of flowers.

Make a cute hanging paper cone for flowers

Use a hot glue gun to add some really cute trim around the top of the hanging paper cone vase to finish it off, but you could also use glue sticks or just leave the paper plain…The flowers are the real decoration.

Make a cute and easy paper cone for flowers

I added ribbon through the holes for hanging and it was ready to go! You can arrange beautiful flowers and greenery and it’s a perfectly sweet gift. The secret to keeping the flowers fresh is putting the stems in either in floral tubes or a dampened paper towel in a double-bagged plastic lunch bag so you don’t get any water leaking and the flowers stay fresh! If you want to create the perfect, easy to grow backyard bouquet, check out this post.

Make a cute hanging paper cone vase for Spring!

And it’s all set, ready for your fresh flowers! It’s the perfect May day bouquet or even  a Mother’s Day treat, Some pretty flower options in spring are lilacs, daffodils, viburnum, and forsythia. If you are worried about using real flowers, make some paper flowers or paper roses out of crepe paper  and it will last forever!


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